Rose Day - Meaning of Different Rose Colour for Valentine?s Week

Posted by indiagift on February 3rd, 2018

Valentine’s week represent those seven days of the year when you can express, impress and enjoy with your loved one. And what better way to do that without Valentine’s roses? Even though carnations and orchids make some beautiful bouquets, roses are the most popular Valentine day flowers online and no passionate heart can sulk with a rose in their hand. However, roses are not just meant to express romantic love. You can convey a wide range of emotions by just giving a different coloured rose for each one. Whether you want to begin afresh or end a long standing fight, flowers, and especially roses make for the perfect gift. No wonder they are one of the most in demand online gifts!

Imagine a midnight birthday or Valentine’s Rose Day surprise with every gift in place, except for roses. Doesn’t that feel incomplete? Same day flowers delivery ensures that you’ve got fresh, bright roses to offer to your significant other and create an everlasting impression on them. You may even get home delivery of orange roses a few hours before your date commences and add a sweet note that won’t go unnoticed. The different colours of the roses stand for various emotions and can hold many layers of unspoken words.

  1. Yellow Rose: - Yellow roses are pretty easily available and they stand for friendship. However, that doesn’t mean you can only give these yellow bunches to your friends! Yellow is a colour of joy, optimism, amity and sunshine. You may send yellow roses to your loved ones and let them know that you are thinking about them.
  2. Red Rose: - Red is the fiery colour of passion and undying love. This confident and intense colour has been associated with love forever now! The only gift that pops up whenever you think of Valentine’s flowers ideas is big, beautiful bunch of red blooms! And how to make this common gift idea into something impressive and unique? Put online shopping to use and choose from a variety of red roses as rose day gifts including the log stemmed ones!
  3. Orange Rose: - Orange is a mix of yellow and red- it has the joy and cheerfulness of yellow and the fiery passion of red. They generally spark the sentiments of desire, enthusiasm and eternal passion, but you could also order a bright, orange arrangement present online to say “I’m proud of you”. Nothing beats the surprise and happiness level of undiluted fascination!
  4. White Rose: - White is undoubtedly associated with peace, purity and innocence. But it also a good gifting option for new beginnings and wishing well sincerely. In India, white roses are not exactly the common gifting trend, so you can stand out of the crowd with a well arranged bouquet in white. You may also add some soft colours to convey peace. Offering white flowers with chocolates will signify the start of a new bond.

Free shipping in India makes these online roses seem much more unreal, don’t they? But it’s true! You may send rod rose online from just about anywhere, but getting fresh flowers delivered to the doorstep of your sweetheart is the next level! Valentine’s special gift bouquets are now available in the best online store for you to gift to your significant other. It’s time to say “I love you” with more than one colour.

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