4 Tricks On How To Gain Muscles For Skinny Guys

Posted by secretsinhealth on February 4th, 2018

Skinny guys are often misled by the bodybuilding magazines and TV shows they are made to believe that their success lies in the latest pills or supplement powders. Some people are also told that their genetics restrict them from getting a muscular body. This is just loads of hogwash, being skinny is not a curse and if you are skinny and wondering how to gain muscles for skinny guys then you can make use of these strategies.

Increasing Your Protein Intake:

Lack of sufficient protein intake is the main reason why skinny guys need to struggle hard to get muscular bodies. You need to consume around one gram of protein per pound of your body weight to obtain muscle gains. You need to aim at gaining 150 grams of proteins every day. If this seems overwhelming, you can split it over 6 meals per day. You can make use of the natural sources like egg whites, beans, pulses and lean meats. You can also make use of protein shakes like 100% whey isolate. Give yourself extra protein boost especially after workouts.

Try Lifting Heavy Weights:

Lifting heavy weights is the real secret behind skinny guys becoming muscular. You should aim towards lifting the lower reps between 8-10, choose higher weights and aim to do better when you go to the gym. The technique is called progressive overload and it is one of the best ways for the skinny guys or ectomorphs to get muscular.

Increase Your Intensity:

Most of the people think that to get muscular they need to be addicted towards the gym. This is just a myth. Spending hours in the gym will not make much difference if you are not doing it correctly. The key to get muscular is to perform the high intensity work outs and just be disciplined. You need to make the most of your time when you are at gym.

Remember to do All Body Workouts and Not Splits:

It is not at all recommended. There are so many skinny guys that want to be muscular but perform all-body workouts and not split (upper body one day and lower portion the next day.)

Splitting your workout means that you are still working certain muscles each day but just to certain extent. There are certain exercises like the deadlifts and squats which work well both for your lower body as well as upper. Hope this answers how to gain muscles for skinny guys at home!

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