Cards Stud Poker ? Do You Know The Various Types!

Posted by Siva on September 23rd, 2010

There are number of types of Cards Stud Poker but the famous or say important one are 5 Cards Stud Poker or & 7 Cards Stud Poker. 3 Cards Stud Poker also exists but its existence is rare. The most famous one is 7 Cards Stud Poker.

Let?s talk about 7 Cards stud Poker game first. It is immensely popular poker game around the world. Seven-Card Stud Poker is actually a classic which requires a long time if you want to be dexterous in this game. Commonly two to eight players are there in the game and moreover, when eight players play the game then there is some expertise is required to deal with the hast fold of cards. With experienced players who fold often, even nine players are also possible in a game. In this game, the players have to deal with seven cards in one progression of hand but only five card poker hands determine the winner.

The game is very much different than Omaha or Texas Hold em in its structure that it offers only limit betting structure which is unlike in the other two cases where two more types are applicable which includes Pop limits or No limits.

Each player in 7 Cards Stud Poker has to deal with the concealed hole cards and one that card which is exposed. The player who has the minimal exposed card is called the bring-in. Hence, he is forced to make another bet which can either be nominal or full small. The whole game continues clockwise while you are playing and this continues until the betting session completes.

Now, each player gets a card called exposed card, which is also known as Fourth Street. Who should be the first player to start with? The starting player is that whose poker has highest value. This player has both the option to either go for check or he/she can also bet. The bet would be considered small if no player is able to reveal a pair amongst his/her exposed cards.  When Fifth Street is started then the bet increments are also increases significantly. After the second round, there comes the turn of the third up card and after that, the fourth up card round follow and this continues until there comes the turn of a down card which is the fifth round. This is the reason that 7 Card Stud Poker has got a special name based upon the definite pattern followed in the game.

The original base of the Card Stud Poker lies in the 5 Cards Stud Poker, which actually modifies vitally with the passage of time. It is in close proximity with the 7 Cards Stud Poker but there is also a marked variation from it. This has similar number of streets but it has also an additional River in it. 5 Cards Stud Poker is less common now a day?s. The only difference is one card will be dealt with down face to each and every player and you can find the second, third and fourth streets and the river as a plus. Rest is same as in case of 7 Cards Stud Poker.

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