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Posted by BrainMobi on February 5th, 2018

There are serious speculations about the acceptance of artificial intelligence. For most of the people, such technology is eventually resulting in the elimination of human race or its repression, which could be seen in a lot of Sci-Fi movies. While others think that this potential technology will leave a considerable threat to a lot of jobs.

But have you ever thought how accurate are these beliefs or allegations? Are we losing much that we are actually gaining from artificial intelligence? And when we are properly investigating these claims, we need to fully understand the whole concept of artificial intelligence and properly weigh its pros and cons in terms of Mobile App Development Company. Let’s take a look at them:


  1. Helps in completing tiresome tasks:

One of the key advantages of using artificially intelligent machines in mobile App Development space is they could perform and complete all the tedious tasks especially those ones, which have been too boring for humans to get done.

  1. Reduces error:

Verticals and domain that need a high degree of accuracy and precision need Artificial Intelligence machines. And one such vertical is space exploration.

  1. Intricate exploration:

There are a lot of places on our planets that are too difficult, almost impossible, for humans to explore them itself. And ocean floor is one of them. It has an extreme pressure, which is too high for humans to face. It could crush anyone just in seconds. Intelligent robots are built with unique material. And these materials have the capability to withstand the ocean floor’s pressure.

  1. Daily application:

Artificial intelligence has found an impeccable use in our daily lives. And that’s travel and tourism industry. Artificial intelligent apps could be used to easily detect locations much easier by using augmented reality. It easily superimposes computer-generated images on the real world view of the user, thus improving the surrounding’s perception. This is also used in museums, allowing for more robust customer experience.

  1. Medicine:

Artificial intelligence has shown tremendous growth in the medical industry. Smart robots could be used in the proper diagnostic and treatment of severe diseases. They are also helping doctors in knowing the side effects of numerous drugs. Also, they are helping in artificial surgery simulators.


  1. Cost:

One of the key drawbacks of AI in mobile app development space is cost. A lot of costs is required to build, maintain and manage. It also requires upgrades in order to match the emerging and changing needs and environment. And that usually requires a lot of research.

  1. Lot of Job losses:

One of the key reasons for the arguments that are arising due to artificial intelligence is Job losses. A lot of people may lose jobs due to using AI. One of the best examples in mobile app development space is Assembly line. For working on a typical assembly line, 30-50 people are required. But if Artificial Intelligence is used then only 5 people will be needed for proper monitoring and supervising.

  1. Unable to take wise judgments:

No matter how efficient and smart an artificial intelligence machine is, still it lacks the judgment calls, which are associated with humans. There are a lot of instances and scenarios when only human judgment could decide and conclusions can’t be made on the basis of algorithms and calculations.

  1. Lack of uniqueness and creativity

If we talk in terms of creativity or innovation, no AI machine could compete with human brains. Artificial intelligent machines can help in designing and creating but can’t come up with the original and creative ideas.

  1. Less enhanced experience:

We learn because of our experiences. But that doesn’t work with Artificial Intelligence machines especially if talk in terms of in mobile app development space. Definitely, they could store a lot of crucial information, but they can’t utilize that information in the same way as humans can.

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