Simple rules that will help you book the best taxi to or from the airport

Posted by habanatransfers on February 6th, 2018

Want to make sure that you booked the best taxi offer to or from the airport, but are not sure which criteria the carrier should meet? Which companies do business in the best way and what to expect from employees of a high-quality transport company? Just remember these tips and try to follow them.

Comfort- This is the first thing that should bother you when ordering a taxi from the airport. All companies promise comfort, but not everyone understands exactly what makes your trip comfortable for a taxi to or from the airport. Let's figure it out.

High quality cars- A wide variety of brands, models, styles and colors, as well as cars of different years of production in the description of the fleet is an alarm signal. Most likely, Varadero Transfers employs drivers with their cars (which in principle is not a problem, this is normal practice) and absolutely everything is accepted for work, regardless of the characteristics and technical condition of cars. Needless to say, your comfort when booking a taxi to or from the airport will depend on the will of the case.

Various classes of transport- In order to provide passengers with the proper comfort when traveling by taxi to or from the airport, the transfer company must own a fleet of vehicles of different classes of transport. It can hardly be called a comfortable transfer from the airport. And if you meet a group of partners consisting of 12 people, you will need to book a minibus so that your transfer from the airport minibus was comfortable enough for every guest.

Luggage- Taxi, which you get for a trip to the airport or from the airport, should be equipped with a spacious luggage space. The roof rack must be empty. It's easy to fit all your suitcases, backpacks and bags. And of course, you do not have to pay anything extra for the weight or quantity of pieces of luggage. We believe that a taxi driver who offers you to pay extra for excess baggage should first ask himself if he did everything in order to lose his extra 10-15 kg.

Online booking of a taxi to and from the airport- The ability to place a taxi order on the site is an indication that the transfer company really cares about your convenience. Accordingly, the absence of such a possibility is a red flag, which warns you about an insufficiently responsible approach to working with clients. It does not matter, you will use the online booking of a taxi to the airport, or you prefer to just call, it should be available.

Attention to detail. High level of service is impossible without attention to any, even the most non-standard needs of customers. The driver himself must offer you his services in the delivery, loading and unloading of luggage. He should not wait for your request to find a place for a hat and gloves. He will save you from having to keep them in hand throughout the trip.

If you want to take advantage of the best taxi service in Transfer from Havana to Varadero, simply take into account the tips suggested above.


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