Omaha Poker ? Do You Know How to Play

Posted by Siva on September 23rd, 2010

The game of the playing cards whose exact origin is unknown but a casino executive named Robert Turner was the first person who brought the game into the casinos and started as a betting game. Omaha poker is gaining too much popularity due to the reason that it gives more chance for winning but it?s always important to know the basics and fundamentals of every game before you start playing.

Omaha Poker, a game having number of variations and variable complexity levels. The game has two variations, Omaha high only and Omaha Hi Lo split. Here the first one is described in detail. The game is nearly same as Texas hold 'em but there are a few differences. These are described as that each player has to deal with four cards unlike two in other case.

The rules of Omaha Poker are really too easy to understand, learn and apply. The game can be played with the betting being a structured Limit game No Limit and Pot Limit games too. Though no limit is very rare but mostly used are other two. The lowest limit in most of the casinos for Omaha Poker will be around 2 or 4 dollars. Here the explanation is given using the 32/4 game. What it means is the minimum bet is 3 dollars during the first 2 rounds of betting and the minimum bet is 6 dollars during the last 2 betting rounds.

The game commences with the allocation of the dealer to the players using dealer disc. Do you know what the dealer is? Dealer is actually the starter of the game. After the completion of each hand, disc is given rotation clockwise. There is a rule in Omaha Poker that before starting dealing by dealer, two immediate left players have to post bets called blind bets before the cards distribution. There are two blind bets, small blind and large blind. The first is made by the player immediate next left player of the dealer which is half the total amount decided for the game and later one is made by the nearest next left person who is equal to the amount decided by all the players. Omaha Poker terms are such that the posts are made by that player who has the small blind bet.

Omaha Poker start with the dealing of four ace-down cards and also the 5 community cards which are dealt in middle to make their best possible hand. To make the best possible hand in Omaha Poker, you must have to use all the five cards instead of one. The important strategy to make the high or low hand is to use the same or different card combinations.

Ace-Ace-King-Queen double-suited is the best hand for starting Omaha Poker. The appreciable combinations for starting in Omaha poker may be suited aces. At showdown, each player is having the best hand of five cards, three from the table and two of his own.

Omaha Poker is a big fun to earn money and is easy to understand.

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