A Nintendo Wii Bundle Is A One Stop Shop

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

By now you have certainly heard of the revolutionary new video game platform, the Nintendo Wii. Unlike anything that has come before it, the Wii makes the players part of the game with its revolutionary new control system. The Wii controller is a wireless remote control that senses movements in three dimensions. That remote sensing technology allows you to eschew the conventional buttons and joysticks that have been the standard for video games for decades. Instead, of pushing buttons or moving a stick, you move your arms; gesturing, swinging, poking, and sometimes flailing your way through the game! If you want to experience this amazing new game platform for yourself it can be difficult to know exactly what to purchase in order to have everything you need to enjoy the Wii experience. That is why the Nintendo Wii bundle is such an enticing option.

Purchased by itself, the Wii comes with a remote control ? officially called a Wiimote ? and a Nunchuk controller; an analog joystick that attaches to the Wiimote using a long cable. The Nunchuk also has the internal accelerometer that the Wiimote possesses, so it too is capable of motion sensing as well. The Nunchuk is to be used in conjunction with the Wiimote and it serves to enhance the game play experience. Further, the Wii includes all the power cords, audio-video cords, and the sensor bar and stands that you need to get started. Most important, the Wii includes Wii Sports, a game that lets you test your skills on the golf course, baseball diamond, bowling alley, boxing ring, and tennis court; it is the perfect platform to demonstrate the things the Wii can do. However, for those who want to see all the Wii is capable of doing, then you need more than the basic offerings, and a Nintendo Wii Bundle can deliver precisely that.

A Nintendo Wii Bundle is a package deal that is available at various retailers such as Gamestop, EB Games, and Wal-Mart. A typical Nintendo Wii Bundle includes all the basics that accompany a basic Wii purchase, but with many valuable extras. For example, the Nintendo Wii bundle available at Gamestop includes additional memory, an additional remote control, a twelve month product replacement plan, and 6 additional games; Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Trauma Center: Second Opinion, Red Steel, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz, and Madden NFL 2007. The Nintendo Wii Bundle from Wal-Mart, and other retailers, follows a similar vein, but the included games can vary. For example, Wal-Mart offered four additional games in their Nintendo Wii bundle, and at a lower price that reflects the fewer included game titles.

A Nintendo Wii bundle is the perfect way to begin experiencing the fun and excitement the Wii has to offer. If you are purchasing a Wii as a gift for someone else and you are not a game savvy person, a Nintendo Wii bundle is a very attractive option because you can be certain that the recipient will not only have all the hardware they need to play, they will have a great selection of games as well. Depending on where you shop you might find that the Nintendo Wii bundle has been a hot seller and is currently not being offered. However, careful and thorough shopping will let you find a Nintendo Wii bundle deal that is available and with a selection of games that fits your needs and budget.

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