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Posted by Binadox Solutions on February 8th, 2018

When it comes to software license management, it is a process that ensures properly that the legal agreements that come with procured software licenses are adhered to. In simple words, software license management ensures that only legally procured licenses are deployed on the systems. There could easily be seen many organizations today spending a fortune on licenses of their specific software every year. However, the lack of management of software licenses usually results in heavy fines. Sometimes, CIOs of the organizations are also intended to jail for violating norms. Therefore, it is really important for organizations to manage the software licenses in a proper manner. In this case, making use of one of the Best software license management tools is really important for organization to avoid any risk. There are a number of reasons that usually compels medium and large organizations to use software license management tools.

There are actually a number of prerequisites for implementing license management. First of all, it would be really good for organizations to make use of software asset management tool. Usually, organizations have to invest in database software to record several types of licenses against its respective owners. There are some software asset management tools easily available in the market today truly capable to store deployment details of the software along with the license details. There are also some software license auditor tools easily available in the market today truly capable to management software licenses. Usually, such tools run over the company network and identify the deployed licensed across all systems of the network efficiently. Software license auditor tool which is truly capable of connecting through APIs with the SAM tool is normally preferred by most of the organizations nowadays.

When it comes to choosing software licensing management solutions, you should consider choosing it as per required functionality and features you main desire. However, choosing the best software license management tools is really important to get the best possible results. There are some tools only limited or specialized in software license management/compliance while other options usually have additional modules. Such options can efficiently perform some specific functions like software/hardware inventory, patching, imaging, fixed asset management, monitoring, software deployment, real-time management, mobile management/security and so on. Each type of tool is having its own functions and uses. Therefore, it is up to you that what option you consider best as per your specific license management requirement.

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