Laser Cutting and Its Multiple Applications You Must Know About

Posted by Steven Glassner on February 8th, 2018

An articulately cut metal sheet. A wooden board that reflects a good thought or an aviation spare part that makes a perfect airplane. Precision, accuracy, and expert engineering go into the making of restorative parts, gadgets, and other artistry you see around yourself. And what goes behind the making of these objects? Well, when it comes to making impeccable creations, “Laser Cutting” has always been an ultimate method.

Laser engraving machines can cut the most intricate shapes faster than any other tools. And most of the good quality laser cutting machines have Trumpf laser parts installed in them. If you are into laser cutting business, you must know about different laser cutting applications and their scope. Let us know about each one of these applications in detail.

Metal Sheet Cutting

Metal sheet cutting the biggest and the most widely recognized applications of laser cutting. Through laser cutting, it is possible to cut metals like steel, aluminum, brass, tungsten, and nickel. So, what happens during metal sheet cutting? A laser beam is focused on the surface of the metal. The metal then absorbs the beam, melts, and takes the desired shape. If you want clean cuts and smooth finishes, you can try using Precitec laser consumables. They work well for basic metal parts used in gadgets and other devices.

Signage Cutting

According to the survey by InfoTrends, signage will make the highest print application purchases this year and the upcoming years. Signage companies need laser cutting to create 3D signage boards out of wood and plastic. And laser machines have all the flexibility one needs to engrave different designs. For creating a perfect laser cut signage, professionals must ensure that the dimensions are pre-defined and correct. Laser cutting with Precitec laser parts is known to give a perfect, professional, and customized cut. The final size of course, depends on the customer.

Award Etching

We all love accolades. And what goes behind the making of a perfect trophy? Laser cutting of course! When it comes to carving and etching trophies, honors, and awards, operators often use laser cutting machines. The best part is that they can also use scrap material to create the most astonishing and one-of-a-kind award trophies. As laser machines work on an array of materials, there is no restriction to the creativity of laser machine operators.

Glass Cutting and Engraving

“I drink and I know things.” You can carve popular dialogues like this one as well as different logos on glass items with the help of laser machines. Also, you can etch glasses of different sizes including wine glasses, mugs, glass artifacts and give them an exquisite look. It works on the rotating mechanism wherein the glass turns into different directions as the laser carves on the glass product. At last, you can obtain a clean and finished product.

Plastic Cutting

Last but not the least, you can use laser cutting machines for creating logos, serial numbers, and tags on plastic parts. Trumpf laser consumables have a large cutting and marking areas that enable laser machines to stamp different parts at one go. Irrespective of the shade and type of plastic, lasers can swiftly emboss long lasting imprints on plastic parts. This happens when the laser parts interact with the chemicals on the plastic and make a shaded check on it.


We hope the above points gave you a clear idea about the wide scope of laser cutting and its applications. When it comes to modern cutting and engraving methods, is the most sought-after method. But to ensure a flawless cutting job, you must use good quality laser parts and machinery. Happy laser cutting!

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