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Posted by maying on February 9th, 2018

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A barbecue for a Duke


The adventure alpha location.

(If you don't ambition to go through the absolute action the adventure intends, just accompany a pot of flour, a brazier of milk and an egg with you to complete the adventure in seconds.)

To activate the quest, allocution to the baker in the Lumbridge Castle's kitchen, which is on the arena floor[?]. He tells you that it is Duke Horacio's birthday, and he is declared to adapt a block for the celebration, but he has abandoned to accompany some of the capacity appropriate for the cake. Thus, he requires you to accompany him a brazier of milk, an egg, and a pot of flour.

Note: A pot is activate on the kitchen table, and a brazier is down in the apartment on a table.

Bucket of milk

Milking the admired cow

Milking a dairy cow.

You can get a brazier from the accepted abundance for 2 coins, or you can accretion one at assorted locations, including bench in the castle's apartment on a table. To access the milk, go to the Lumbridge cow acreage (east of Lumbridge, arctic of the access to the desert) and use the abandoned brazier on a dairy cow.


Where to accretion egg

The breadth for a quick egg, just arctic of Lumbridge.

To access an egg, go west of the cow acreage to the craven accommodation and aces one up.

Pot of flour

To access a pot, buy one from the accepted abundance or get one for chargeless from the table by the Baker in Lumbridge Castle. To ample it with flour, go arctic of Lumbridge and chase the alley until you get to the mill. Aggregate the atom alfresco and go to the top floor, put the aureate in the alembic and afresh cull the lever. Aback on the arena floor[?], use your pot to aggregate it from the bin.


To blanket up, yield the capacity aback to the baker in the Lumbridge Castle. Allege to him one endure time to accord him the ingredients.

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