Make You House Self Sufficient with Off Grid Solar Systems

Posted by Solar Solutions on February 10th, 2018

If you are thinking about self sufficiency in terms of energy for your home there are several valid options to consider from. One of the best solutions that have emerged in recent times is Off Grid Solar Systems which consists of system of solar panels that make a house or a household entirely or close to self-sufficient in terms of energy production. As a home owner you might feel that is it challenging to build a truly autonomous home, but with the energy system that runs on solar power you can achieve the target of being autonomous in energy at the very least. For rural homes and cabins this can prove as a very viable option.

For home owners who like to keep the attic of their house nice and cold during the summer months adding an off grid solar system can be of excellent help to use merely to power the conditioning of the house.

When you choose an full off grid solar system or kit it will usually consists of: solar panels (a solar array) that generate power; a PV combiner box - a box which protects the system from short circuits; charge controllers, which guarantees that the batteries don't go overdrive; and a current inverter, which turns the solar panels' DC power to usable AC electricity. An electrical generator powered by wind or fuel can be optional, but at times necessary, as unpredictable weather patterns can disrupt the power supply of your premise.

For ambitious green living enthusiast solar power comes across as cheapest source of energy that is eco friendly and does not harm the environment in any way. In sunny weather the off grid solar systems can vastly decrease the power costs, as the initial payment for getting the solar grid to a remote location can be quite high.

Advantages of off grid system far exceed the On Grid Solar Systems. With off grid system when living in a remote location you have access to both electricity and fuel without limit. These systems are simple and easy to maintain and they allow for energy to be produced in remote locations. These systems are low cost and low maintenance.

Commercial Power Solutions Canterbury is up and coming field in the arena of green energy. They promote happy green living for all. Any person or company creating more solar energy than they use can connect to the power grid and sell that power so that others may use it. is Christchurch based experts in Solar Systems. The team is all qualified, experienced with broad range of solar systems.

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