Fumaric Acid Market Trends and Key Developments

Posted by ashutosh sable on February 11th, 2018

Fumaric acid also known as trans-butene diotic acid which is a chemical compound whose formula is HO2CCH=CHCO2H and molecular weight 116.072 g/mol, since it has a sour taste and is odorless and colorless crystalline solid it is used in bakery products . It is dicarboxylic acid which is a precursor to L-malate in the Krebs tricarboxylic acid cycle. It is formed by the oxidation of succinic acid by succinate dehydrogenase. Fumaric acid is the strongest tasting food acidulants that control the growth of microorganisms, it adjusts pH and enhances flavor.

Greater buffering capacity among other benefits offers high opportunity for industrial application in the market. It produces complex molecules of organic acids in mammals and found in plant life. Fumaric acid originates in bolete mushrooms, Iceland moss, and lichens. It is regarded as a non-toxic and a non-irritant material and hence used in pharmaceutical products.

The growth of global fumaric acid market is driven by food and beverage industry, since food and beverage producers pay attention towards acidulants mostly because of its antimicrobial effect, prefer Fumaric acid as it has a long lasting sour taste at a pH less than 4.5 it's widely used as food additive for protecting the color, flavor and texture and quality of the food. With the rise in lifestyle and consumer awareness there is a rise in the use of fumaric acid. Fumaric acid is a substitute for tartaric acid and occasionally takes the place of citric acid as it gives same taste .it is also used for manufacturing of candy which gives a sour taste, malic acid is utilized in the same way.

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Fumaric acid is widely preferred because fumaric acid is sourer per unit weight than other acidulants. The key factors restraining the global fumaric acid market is due to finely dispersed particles which might form explosive mixtures in the air, inhalation of the particles might cause respiratory irritation. Fumaric acid is authorized preservative in feeding stuff to animals however provided that an expected level of use is maintained.

Food and beverage industry has higher rate of consumption of fumaric acid followed by unsaturated polyester resins and alkyd resins and agriculture industry as feeds for livestock’s. Use of fumaric acid is increasing the application in the field of medical science.

Among the regions mentioned above in Asia-Pacific except japan, China is the largest producer of fumaric acid China is also a major exporter of fumaric acid. Asia-pacific is expected to grow total market volume in the forecast period.

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Japan has a growing market for fumaric acid because of the low price and a variety of applications. European market is expected to have a sluggish growth rate in the food and beverage industry. North America has almost reached the maturation stage hence these regions are expected to grow at a slow rate. Overall the outlook for the global fumaric acid market will have positive growth over the forecasted period, owing to the growing demand in the pharmaceutical industry.

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