Solomoto Releases Revolutionary Feature for Social Media Post Scheduling

Posted by PRGateway on February 12th, 2018

Miami, February 2, 2018: Solomoto is pleased to announce its latest feature, a social media post library filled with relevant premade content that is ready to publish to multiple social networks simultaneously with the click of a button. This release is in line with Solomoto"s continuous commitment for the convenience and simplicity of managing web presence, allowing small business owners to manage their online presence with ease while saving them heaps of time they can allot to other tasks.

Solomoto provides a platform that centralizes all the tools small and medium-sized businesses need in order to grow digitally and compete with their large competitors. Solomoto focuses on efficiency and ease of use to save SMB owners precious time. With the newly available pre-written post library, Solomoto provides SMBs with an instant service that could not only save business owners time but also additional precious resources such as manpower and funds. This combined with other services provided by Solomoto make it possible for entrepreneurs to build their own websites, eCommerce stores, social media campaigns, search engine advertising, and much more, thereby empowering them.

Guy Israeli, COO and Co-founder of Solomoto, states: "We continue to develop new tools that help enable small businesses to succeed and flourish within the boundaries of their available resources while maintaining the professionalism and excellence oftentimes found only in enterprises or competitors with large backings."

The company provides business owners with a complete small business "operating system", filled with online tools and ready-to-use content libraries, so they can transition seamlessly into the digital age and maximize their growth. Now it is easier than ever before to publish the perfect content on a variety of social networks, thanks to this new feature. Solomoto is constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge tools to add to their platform in order to improve the experience and cut down the time it takes small business owners to manage their online presence, turning them into fierce competition for other enterprises in similar markets.

Solomoto was founded with the concept of making as many tools as possible easily accessible to SMBs, making it plausible for them to compete within their respective marketplaces. Today's technology has made it possible for a greater online presence to outrival a superior product. Given the budget and manpower of big corporations, the smaller companies face seemingly insurmountable challenges. In spite of those advantages, Solomoto will never stop chasing its dream of helping SMBs consummate their full potential.

Solomoto, the one-stop solution for growing SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses), is an easy to use tool for digital presence management to engage current and potential consumers on social networks and across the digital world. Capitalizing on business owners' use of time and money in the most efficient way possible, Solomoto encourages them to use all its tools themselves, without hiring a whole team of professionals. The best part is that anyone can succeed on this platform with NO previous experience. Creating a professional website, e-store, and marketing campaigns can now all be done in one place making growth exponentially easy and successful.

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