Some Things to Consider When Looking for a Gun Safe

Posted by Rhino Metals on February 12th, 2018

For any responsible, conscientious gun owner, American made gun safes are a wise investment. If a gun gets into the wrong hands—or even worse, innocent little ones—it can have horrible consequences. Therefore, keeping guns in a spot that is not easily accessible is extremely important.

Buying the best small gun safe might cost an owner a little upfront. However, it will be less expensive—and less traumatic—than having a gun taken by an intruder or someone who does not understand its power.

Lots of companies have gun safes for sale of varying quality. The best gun safe for a particular client will depend on the firearms which he or she needs to secure. Still, regardless of the safe’s size or type, it must be strong enough and sophisticated enough to resist any attempt to crack it.

Here are a few factors worth considering when looking at gun safes:

1. Size and Weight

First, the gun safe needs to be bigger than the guns it will hold—after all, it will not be worth much if somebody’s pistols and/or rifles do not actually fit inside. Gun owners must be able to put their weapons inside and take them out easily.

Also, people should consider the weight of a gun safe. The reason for this is fairly obvious: The heavier a safe is, the harder it will be to carry away. Consumers can easily find safes which weigh half a ton or more. A thief will not be able to pick that up (it might be funny to watch him try, though).

2. Wall Thickness and Strength

Gun safes made from thick, heavy duty steel do more than keep thieves out. They can also protect items in the event of a fire.

Incidentally, some manufacturers go the extra mile when it comes to building a fire resistant gun safe. In addition to using steel for the body, they might add layers of thick fireboard to the walls, ceiling and floor. Some gun safes even have doors which expand as soon as they sense heat.

3. Security Features

The best gun safes have sophisticated features to prevent thieves from breaking into them. Examples include:

• Drill Plates
• Advanced Locking Systems with Anti-Tamper Clutches
• Anti-Punch Boltworks

Rhino Metals provides gun enthusiasts with top-quality gun storage solutions. The company’s gun safes have helped people secure their firearms for more than 20 years.

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