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Posted by Jvc hk on February 12th, 2018

Because of its flexible and simple tax regime and most cooperative and fast processing banking system, setting up a company in Hong Kong is much easier and comparatively less hazardous than any other country. Hong Kong, the gateway to mainland China, offers a relaxed investment policy without any restriction imposed for foreign direct investment. Infrastructure and other related setup is most favourable here to operate business from Hong Kong.

But, there are some steps to follow strictly if you want to start your company in Hong Kong and some prerequisites are there to be served with due satisfaction of the competent and sanctioning governmental authority.

At the first place for any start up business the trademark registration is mandatory. The Trademarks Registration in Hong Kong is not a daunting process at all if you are in consultation with the right consultancy firm having correct knowledge and expertise to complete the process of trademark registration quickly without trouble. You only need the right guidance and to know the proper channel of registering trademark. JV Consultants Limited will be taking care of everything without making you undergo anything detrimental.

This house of professional offers an all-inclusive support to get your trademark registered without rejections. JV Consultants Limited can rightfully analyse and determine about the emblem to choose, which one will be more significant for your business and if any other claimant is there for the same trademark and company name etc. While choosing the signs or mark the professionals working with this consultancy firm can screen lot of signs and marks which would best imply the type, quality, magnitude, proposed purpose etc. for goods or services whatever it may be.

There are some more complicated areas for a running or start-up business both like Share Transfer in Hong Kong. With the company secretary service of JV Consultant the transfer of shares have never been so smooth. It is a matter of 2 to 3 days if your company has never commenced business or does not have any assets. But, in other cases, within three months from date of share transfers you need to submit the latest Hong Kong company account and audit statements or management accounts with the set of share transfer documents to calculate amount of stamp duty required. JV Consultant also provides the support to finalise the statement of account and audit flawlessly because it is a large client base organisation preparing such statements and get the audit done for years without fail. JV Consultants Limited has the pleasure to offer ample assistance incomprehensively for any commercial cue like Corporation and Company Services, Representation & Compliance Services, UCC, Real Estate & Corporate Transactions and Digital Brand Services etc.

  • Hong Kong Limited Company Annual Maintenance and Renewal
  • Hong Kong company tax filing
  • Offshore Company Formation
  • Company Secretary and Secretarial Services that includes:
    • Preparation and Submission of Annual Return
    • Transfer of shares
    • Notifying the change of address or changes of shareholders if any
    • Preparation and Submission of company account and audit

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