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Making Money with Affiliate Banners and Affiliate Banner Rotators

Posted by interfuse on August 12th, 2010

Rotating affiliate banners across your websites is incredibly important, if you aren?t rotating banners, you aren?t making money; and more importantly, you aren?t earning lifetime residuals. If you have content established on the internet and traffic to go right along with it, we urge that you need to start rotating affiliate banners.

By choosing the right programs to install into your targeted rotator, you can begin amassing new wealth and building your earnings day after day and year after year. The goal here is to have so many quality affiliate banners running on your network that you cannot keep up with all of the stats and cannot monitor where all the paychecks are coming from. If you?re doing things right, you should start seeing paychecks from all over the country, and all over the world.

Back in my earlier days of internet marketing, I tried out just about every affiliate program I could find. It was inherently noticeable that some programs paid out, and other programs didn?t. If some programs are obviously not paying out with equal exposure of others (this may be after 3 months of testing), it might be a good time to pull their banners from your rotator.

Here on our network, we created a basic rotator with PHP/MySQL without an administration panel. It rotates across all of our websites and targets banners depending on the type of traffic on each site (Gaming, Business, Technology, ect). In later versions of our software we will install an admin panel; primarily for banner monitoring and more intelligent upgrades such as displaying more often banners with the highest Click-Thru rates. As much as I would like to at this point, I have no public version of our software available (maybe in the future).

If you want a good rotator for your sites you may contact me through our Web Development Portal ( or you can scour the internet to find something else that will do what you need. The point here is though having a good rotator to manage all of your affiliate banners is very important. Selling all of your ad-space to a single contextual ad network can be bad economics, you need to begin building your income and should be using ads from contextual networks as supplemental filler.

Basic Money Making Practice with Affiliate Banners Broken Down:

  1. Seek out affiliate programs that keep your interest and promise residual incomes (something that you can build on and will increase over time (your customers remain as your customers for the life of their accounts))
  2. Create content and build websites around these niche topics
  3. Advertise your websites to the public via search engines, link exchanges, ect.
  4. Install targeted rotating banners into your site and feed a small percentage of your website visitors into your affiliate partner sites
  5. Run these banners 365 days a year and allow your wealth with affiliate partners to grow

If you follow this basic monkey making practice you are assured success, can begin earning more money then you did the day before, and can expect to receive paychecks for many years down the road.

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