Why Path of Exile Is Worth Your Play?

Posted by james bonds on February 12th, 2018

There are a million ways to describe PoE, I could tell you it's an isometric action RPG, I could tell you its story where you're a hero exiled in this land where everyone struggles to survive.

Gameplay. How does it work?

You choose your hero's class first (there are seven available, one of them gets unlocked during your first playthrough in a mission), each one is meant to fight better with different weapons or fight approaches.

Every action is made with your mouse cursor, with a few key shortcuts, so you move, interact, attack and organize with your mouse mainly. Each enemy death grants you some experience and when you level up you get a point to spend in your own character's giant skill tree filled with stats, bonuses and variables.

There are different tabs, starting from the inventory with slots for items to equip or to carry around to sell or store in your personal stash in town; there's a map with all quests as well, then there's the character's tab with all his/her personal stats (strength, dexterity, intelligence) damages, resistances and so on; there's a social tab with your friends and guilds.

Actual magics and physical abilities are given by skill gems you find around and place into sockets of weapons or armours you are wielding or wearing. Those skills level up with the same experience you gain with each kill.

Unlike Diablo there's no gold. No money. Everyone here is an exile, so the only poe orbs here is barter. You trade an item for another item. There's a criteria of course. Enough for you to know that regular items grant an identification scroll fragment, while different class of magic, rare and unique items will grant you a different kind of gem fragment that allow the player to improve regular or magic objects stats in many different ways.

And there's much more but it would really take me an entire day to describe everything I know or remember and it's not everything the game has to offer or hides for you to discover as there's a wiki with articles on every single aspect of the game you want to know in order to better understand the game。

FREE. Honestly, this is the very first reason you must love and worship this game and their developers. This title is simply put "well developed" in all its aspect and it's immense. It's not a pay to win and you will end up buying stuff on your own will to support developers because they did an immense job and definitely deserve it.

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