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Posted by joseeliyo1232 on February 12th, 2018

Cats are the best pets an individual can get. They are playful, intriguing and are a wonderful source of entertainment. If you are a cat lover, you may agree that you can watch your cat endlessly, even when it takes a nap. Cats can play with anything and everything. They love to explore everything that is within their reach and can take a nap at oddest of places. If you own a cat, you would know that having this feline creature at your home just completes your family. Did you know that your cat likes to communicate with you as much as you do? Cats in their different ways try to communicate with you as well. Cat sounds can be interpreted to know what they are actually up to and what they might want you to know.

Cats are very expressive; by their facial expression, myriad sounds, and body language, you can judge what they are trying to convey. Different sounds made by your cat can mean different things. They purr, hiss, meows, yowls and more to communicate with you. If you want to know what your cat is trying to say, refer the list under-mentioned.

· Short Meow – A short meow can ne your cat’s way of greeting you. It can probably by their response when you come home from work or when you talk to your cat.

· Multiple Meows – A cat may meow multiple times to grab the attention of their owners. Multiple meows can also mean that your cat wants to get stroked.

· Long Meows – The cats make this sound when they want you to let them out of a room or house.

· Mid-pitch Meows – If your cat meows like this it means she’s probably hungry. Cats are particular about their mealtime, and if you skip it, they have a way to remind you to feed them.

Any person who owns a cat wants to make sure that their adorable feline creature lives in utmost comfort. If you get to know about cats facts, you can become more efficient in handling them. If you are looking for a source to read about what cat bed is best for cats or for general information about them, visit Pacific Tail. It is an online website which you can refer to get the details about your feline creature.

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