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Why Figurative Sculptures Make Wonderful Gifts

Posted by willowtree on February 12th, 2018

Figurative sculptures make personalized, heartfelt gifts which their recipients can treasure for years to come. They can serve as a simple but powerful way for people to tell their loved ones how they truly feel.

The best figurines and figurative sculptures bring a touch of creativity and style to any room. The variety and depth of feeling that can go into simple gestures can be quite amazing. Gift-givers and other customers can find figurines such as cake toppers, which can serve as lovely mementos of weddings and other celebrations.

Here are a few special occasions which a figurative sculpture could make even better:

• Weddings and Anniversaries: What is a wedding or an anniversary without gifts? Whether it is for a family member or a friend, moments like these deserve some little keepsake at the very least. A figurative sculpture can capture the emotions of the moment beautifully.

• Baby Showers: The arrival of a new baby brings a lot of happiness to a family. People can give baby clothes and toys, which will certainly be useful (raising children is not cheap). A small figurine can be another good option: It can remind the mother and father of the joy of that time in their lives.

• Teacher Appreciation: Teachers deserve little things which say, “Thank you for all your hard work.” Cards with personal messages are a good option, but a hand-carved figurine can convey the message just as well. Students and their families can find a variety of figurative sculptures designed specifically for teachers. These include small ornaments with a figure clasping a book to signify a love of learning.

• Graduations: Graduating from high school or college is an enormous achievement. As such, these accomplishments merit some symbol of recognition. Friends and family members can easily find figurine ornaments to tell new graduates how proud they are. There are lovely figurines out there which celebrate the drive to seek, explore and discover.

Willow Tree helps bring people together by offering a diverse selection of figurative sculptures. The company’s figurines are modeled after original pieces by acclaimed artist Susan Lordi and still retain her personal touch. Even without any facial expressions, Willow Tree’s figurative sculptures communicate a wide range of feelings through a tilted head, a turned body or carefully placed hands.

About Willow Tree

Willow Tree is an online store carrying Susan Lordi’s powerful, hand-carved figurativesculptures. These sculptures are unique works of art which beautifully convey a spectrum of emotions when words simply cannot.

For additional information, visit

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