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An Eventful and Oppulent Fancy Dress Charity Road Trip

Posted by techjohnwilson on February 13th, 2018

We have all attended a fancy dress function, be it one where the individual dresses himself, or one where a child participates. How about something, for that rusty old four wheeler which is parked in the garage for the past couple of years. That car could be the ticket to an adventure of a lifetime. All one need to do is have the heart to take her out for a hearty spin all around your favorite continent. There is a charity road trip which is held once in a few months and all that’s got to be done is, get the car oiled up and ready to hit the road again. But it doesn’t stop there; one can decorate the car above and beyond any one’s imagination and take it on this charity banger rally. Well, the car can be pink in color with fur and leaves all over, till the time it has that wacky touch. It is a very simple concept, get that scrap car and decorate it and show it off for all Europeans to see.


The banger rally challenge route could be across the border of France going into Italy or for the more adventurous ones; one could go from Belgium to Italy and end it in the beautiful city of Venice. Through this one may come across many different yet enjoyable sorts of challenges, which are optional. But the suggestion would be to go in for them for the experience, and for the sake of fun. Imagine pulling up into a drive-thru, in a car that looks like a candy or has matching colors with that sundae that you are just about to order. It gives the competitors and the viewers both, a different yet enjoyable experience.


The requirements for the rally are simple, all you need is:

  • An old car under 500 GBP

  • A map for the banger rally challenge route

  • A companion

  • And a camera, to shoot the sights coming along and of course to shoot your fabulous car.


This Charity banger rally is open to anyone who is willing to seek this thrilling adventure of a lifetime, no age bar till you have a valid license. A person from any walk of life is allowed to participate in this fun race, all you need is a fun seeking mind and heart, rest assured, this trip would be something you would not easily forget, and for sure will look forward to in the future. This far, thousands of pounds have been raised by this rally, and hope to continue to grow and collect more.


This thrilling interactive drive around the continent would give you the chance of enjoying some time with your car, and another certain partner or two that you choose to bring along.

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