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Happy Birthday Wishes & Text Messages for Dad

Posted by tiyajacob on February 14th, 2018

By sending a birthday wish to your, Dad is to give him the real happiness and a cause of joy. No other precious or luxury gift can touch the heart of a Dad as your words can. Choose a simple and heart touching phrase from below and let your Dad smile.


1. The most impeccable energy I know is the Father. Your just name is always more than sunshine for me. I am happy to have the darkness removed from my life by you, honored to have you as my Dad.

2. I could not even imagine of walking my first step without you. Dad, I still need you it's to guide my steps in a proper direction. Long live and happy birthday dad.

3. You were the only reason I never up Dad and are the specimen of dedication and strength. Never and even leave my side, Dad.

4. Whenever I got failed in any of the tasks of my life you were only one who made me realized that it's not a real failure, knowing that it was a real one. I am lucky to have you as my Dad.

good morning

5. Every gift you offered me from my childhood till now has real meaning and those all the gifts enlightened me something to be taught.

6. There is nothing better than seeing you laughing with me, Dad.

7. Thanks for holding my back all the time Dad, missing you as I have never missed anyone.

8. I want a wish of mine to be true to make you as younger as I am today.

9. The Biggest hero of my childhood and the truest friend of now is you, my Dad.

10. Thanks for being the biggest motivational source of my life and never letting me realize that I am failed.

11. I don't have words to express the love, respect, and gratitude for you Dad but the only one phrase "I never want you to go and leave this world."

12. Getting used to having suggestions from you like you are my only God. Dad, you are the only one whose steps I have been following from the first step of my life. It's all after you. Happy birthday, father.

13. The most prosperous thing I have seen throughout my life is Dad's laugh on a cause inaugurated by me. Always keep smiling Dad I love to watch you like that most. Happy birthday Papa.

14.The only thing I use to wait for after every achievement is a proud giving hug from my Dad.

15. All I have learned is from you Dad; I would be a novice without you. Love you for giving me this most beautiful life.

16. Today I am so excited that I don't even know what present can impress you Dad, in fact, today also I am going to ask a favor from you to never leave me dear Fart.

17. You are the only reason because of whom I am fighting the situations, love you Dad and Happy birthday.

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