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Posted by Gauri Satpute on February 15th, 2018

Capital requirement is the base of any business that can define your dreams and convert it into a profitable reality. But the first and foremost hurdle is where do I get the money for either starting a business venture or expand an already established business?

One of the convenient ways of securing a loan is through acquiring loans through assets. One of the assets in question is Property. If you do have a property, be it a land, apartment or a bungalow, you can avail a scheme called Loan against Property.

Some of the advantages of Loan against property (LAP) is; it is a secured loan. LAP is considered one of the safest bet for securing loans as the retail loan is usually about 12 to 16%. The rate of interest being lower, the EMIs turn out to be cheaper. While availing LAP, the property value more often than not helps to identify the maximum possible loan eligibility. LAP can also be repaid at a relaxed pace as the tenure for repayment is 15 years.

A lot of people are unaware that LAP is not the only way to secure loans. Loans can be acquired through other means such as Loans against Bonds or Securities. Loans against mutual funds can be beneficial rather than directly opting for a personal loan with a very high-interest rate. Loans against Bonds give a great opportunity to garnering instant liquidity for the MF units held by an individual. This scheme is extremely beneficial for short-term monetary requirements. The advantage being an individual need not sell their own mutual funds. The borrower should only request the Mutual Fund registrar to ensure the right of possession to keep the funds be passed on to the lender till the debt is discharged by the rightful owners of the bond.

JM Finance is a firm that enables the borrowers to capitalize on their reserves by giving out liquidity against properties and securities or bonds. JM Financial Group has specialists who customize their product offerings based on the needs of the consumers in order to provide a more diversified range of expertize for varying market segments.

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