Mountain Biking in Lake Tahoe Area - Important Information for Bikers

Posted by Miley Munroe on February 15th, 2018

Tahoe National Forest covers the blue jewel of Northern California and is a mountain biking paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Surrounded by Sierra Nevada mountains, the forest covers an expanse of 850,000 acres - it provides the landscape with its fair share of soaring peaks, lush greenery, and clear and high lakes. If you are a mountain biker, Lake Tahoe area will definitely whet your exploratory appetite with its well-maintained rugged and single track biking trails.

The fact that most of the people who visit this area are not aware of is that Lake Tahoe isn’t an actual part of the Tahoe National Forest. US Forest Service is responsible for its management and maintenance as Lake Tahoe Basin. But, this fact shouldn’t have any bearing on your quest of experiencing the excellent mountain biking trails around the stunning blue jewel. The Lake Tahoe - Tahoe National Forest area is a must-ride and must-see attraction.

Mountain biking in Lake Tahoe is not considered a sport, but a lifestyle. There are plenty of bike parks, bike paths, single tracks, and dirt roads around the lake. Lake Tahoe offers a mix of rocky, steep rides as well as mellow and scenic rides in the mountains. There are a few ski resorts in and around the area that have bike parks - you just need to buy a ticket and then ride effortlessly up and down the dusty ski trails. Or you can look for guided backcountry tours to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the best of attractions.

Besides, there are bike shops around the area that offer demos, rentals, and sales. You can talk to the people running these stores for trail maps, expert tips, guidebooks and accessories, and local lore amongst other things.

One crucial thing that you should always keep in mind when visiting Lake Tahoe in El Dorado County is that weather can change quite rapidly in the area. So, you should come here well prepared and well stocked with the right clothing and accessories.

The website of Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association (TAMBA) is also an excellent source for all the information you need to experience safe and enjoyable riding. There are areas around the lake and in the wilderness that bikers are asked to stay away from. While you will find most of this information on TAMBA’s website or with local bike shops, you can still contact USDA Forest Service if you are in any doubt.

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