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Sri Lanka offers free, state funded education at all levels, including the higher education levels. Primary school, which is grades one through five, is integrated, and students learn basic math and language skills. Exams must be passed to move on. Junior secondary school is grades six to nine. Students study such subjects as their primary language, English classes, math, and religion. They are subject to assessment tests, projects and schoolwork throughout each year. Senior secondary school, grades ten and eleven, focuses mainly on preparing students for the General Certificate of Education exam. For those who wish to attend higher education, they go on for another two years of additional schooling before entering a university.

As true with any prestigious university in the world, a research culture, research output, and good teaching are essential for the reputation and long-term survival of private universities in Sri Lanka. Private universities will be deceiving themselves if they think that awarding just degrees, without their students and academic staff engaging in research, would assure their survival. Already a niche group of private campuses has emerged, separating them from rest of the campuses, that strategically identifies the importance of providing good teaching, engaging in research, and producing employable graduates who will also be all-round good citizens.

However, if the Government cannot afford to provide free education to all eligible students, and if not-for-profit organisations are not volunteering to provide higher education, if state universities are riddled with problems of apathy, inefficiency and mismanagement, what is the solution available for Sri Lanka as a nation? More than 100,000 students, who successfully complete the GCE Advanced Level Examination every year, are denied of higher education within past paper Sri Lanka. It is estimated that about 10 percent of these students go overseas for higher education and another 10 percent join private campuses in Sri Lanka. What about the remaining 80,000 students? Unfortunately, neither the UGC nor the Ministry of Higher Education routinely compile such data. UGC keeps saying that private sector higher education is not within its purview.

In Sri Lanka, education is a top priority. Its aim is to promote democracy with regards to education; moral, physical and spiritual development, and lifelong learning. It should also help to  develop deeper understanding of the environment, culture and the religious heritage of Sri Lanka, whilst producing a population who have the skills necessary to meet the country’s needs.

Sri Lanka has a literacy rate of 92%. This is higher than anywhere else in Asia, and is especially high for a developing country. The enrolment rate in  public primary schools reached 99% in 2011, which also highlights the success of the Sri Lankan promotion of education.

Education is regulated by the government, or more precisely specific ministries within the government, and all levels of education are offered free of charge. Primary and Secondary schools are regulated by the National Ministry of Education. The Universities are overseen by the Ministry of Higher Education.

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It was agreed in advance that the testing would take place mathematics only, at grades 3 through 9. Students in grades 1 and 2 would not be tested, but assessed by their
teachers. A brief guide would be provided to these teachers, in case they did not feel able to determine independently which students were in need of entering the ALP. In addition to the subject-based tests, there would be a test of basic literacy and numeracy for learners in secondary education only, to identify those who are in particular need of training in basic skills.Initial meetings were held with the senior managers of the two provincial educationministries,to determine how the tests would be developed, administered, marked and analysed.

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pastPapers is created to be a guide and support to all the students. Here they understand how much time any student waste on looking for resources which should be available to them with a simple click. So also download O/L Past Papers, A/L past Papers in Sri lanka,


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