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Different Domains of Career Opportunities in the Fashion Industry

Posted by aaftsofd on February 15th, 2018

The field of Fashion is amongst the most sought-after career choices in this modern era. If you have been passionately following this industry and have the pinch of creativity, style and an eye for detail, this field possess potential career opportunities for you. To establish a successful career in this field, it is important for aspirants to gain an understanding of this industry and different job roles prevalent here. By pursuing a fashion designing course, aspirants can gain fundamental knowledge of different theories, principles and disciplines relevant to this industry.

By pursuing professional education in this domain, students not only learn the essential skills pertinent to the industry but also gets a platform to identify, explore and choose their area of interest. This allows them to develop artistic and technical expertise required to enter their chosen domain. Students can find employment opportunities in the field of:

  • Designing:This is the most popular and familiar discipline of this industry. This aspect relates to creating designs for different products such as different garments, handbags, shoes, jewelry and more. They create drafts either as per the client’s need or according to the project requirements. Their work includes creating concepts that are unique, creative as well as industry-relevant.
  • Illustration:Their job role involves creating layouts and sketches for varied products. Through fashion designing courses, students learn to communicate ideas and concepts through their drafts which later get transformed to croquis.
  • Production Management/Garment Technologist:Professionals in this domainwork closely with suppliers and retailers to oversee the manufacturing process. They focuson implementing ‘zero waste’ production by developing, testing and maintaining quality of different materials or combination of new yarns, textiles and fibers.
  • Visual Presentation/Styling:It deals with the overall look and feel of the product. Learning through Fashion institute allows students to impart the quality of storytelling to the products to inform, inspire and persuade the audience. Styling also relates to imparting life to the product supplementing its vision. It also includes working with individuals, advising on personal clothing and style.
  • Merchandising:They ensure sufficient availability of products at the stores. This stage blends the domains of designing and business. It requires fair understanding of future predictions, customer expectations, sales performance & other influential factors.
  • Journalism: Experts in this domain bring the fashion industry to general public. They report, write and communicate the latest happenings, trends, news and activities taking place in this industry.

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