Regional Trends of Whey Protein Industry

Posted by rohan on February 16th, 2018

Recent times have seen an increased stress on human welfare products, be it healthcare products, lifestyle products, dietary supplements and so on. Whey protein has over the past couple of years emerged as not just a supplement for better physique but better quality of life in general. Whey is technically the watery part of milk that separates itself out from the curd during cheese production. Its demanded globally in large scales because of the numerous functions it has in food production. An important aspect of staying fit is consumption of adequate amounts of protein. And what better solution for this than a product that literally screams protein. This fitness attention in recent times and the fact that it is a storehouse of proteins are what’s driving the whey protein market in recent times.

Looking at the global markets, North America is the largest market share holder by far. The American lifestyle stresses a lot on protein consumption and in the absence of meat products on daily basis, whey protein serves as an apt substitute. The use of whey protein in sports drinks, health and energy drinks and other nutritional products is yet another reason for the increased demand in the region. The changing lifestyles has also led to people being more willing to spend large amounts of money on better quality products when it comes to better health. The US specially has seen a rise in the number of fitness centres in recent times. This is another testament of the health conscious approach the people in the region have taken up. The property of whey protein to boost muscle recovery and also be a good source of energy is the main reason why its reduced predominantly in energy drinks and sports drinks. The market has grown so big that major manufacturers spend million annually to convince sports stars to endorse their product.

The second largest market share belongs to the European region. There is an increased demand for high quality food in the region and the obvious reason of increased demand for health and energy drinks also boosts the market. A survey conducted by a popular manufacturer in 2016 concluded that athletes preferred whey protein as the number one drink for better muscle recovery and energy before events. Developed countries have also seen a shift in pattern of consumption towards frozen or pre-prepared food. Very often whey protein is added to these as well to maintain sufficient levels of nutritive content. In a market where quality of products is just as important as speed of production, whey protein serves as an easy remedy to boost the protein content of packaged food.

As with any market, Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market and shows an increase in demand in recent years. For prospective investors, this is the most attractive region and the fastest growing as well. The rise in disposable income, adaption of western lifestyle and rise in population are main reasons for the rapid development. The market is led by developing countries such as India and China, where people are known to spend more money on food than western countries. The competition is also becoming more and more sophisticated as more specialized and differentiated products are introduced into the market.

US is the major producer of whey protein globally followed by European countries, China and Canada. As mentioned earlier, the lifestyle of Europe and America is better suited to a fitness conscious person and this leads to substantial demand from the region for fitness products. The recent boom in the healthcare related equipment industry is also attributed to people becoming more health conscious with the introduction of several whey based health products. On the whole the whey protein market is set to shape several fitness and lifestyle markets in the forecast years.

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