Restore the natural beauty of your old deck following 3 simple steps

Posted by RonWilliam on February 16th, 2018

Your deck has been weathered,and you are worried about renewing it. What can be best possible ways that would help to bring back the old deck back to life is a big question.Making a fuss of the mess is never going to help in restoring the old deck. To protect any damage to the deck, it is needed to ensure proper and regular maintenance of the deck.

Deck Restoration:

To ensure that the deck remains in the best of the form and its original look, it is needed to maintain and care it to the best possible way. Deck should be saved from all the factors that lead to the damage of the deck that is, the moisture and the sun. Regular maintenance that includes time to time cleaning and oiling of the surface protects the wooden surface of the deck from being damaged when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, weather, bacteria and mould. On-time maintenance prevents the wood from premature aging and cracking

Several things are needed to be considered during the deck restoration in Baldivis, some of which are as follows-

  • Cleaning the Surface of the Deck

Cleaning the surface of the deck has been made easy with the use of the power washer. At present, the use of the deck brush and the water buckets has become obsolete. The use of the power sprays to dispense of the water on the surface of the deck has emerged as the effective way of cleaning the surface of the deck.

The use of thehigh pressure of the water removes the particles and the attached dirt impurities like the mould, wood, mud, moss or any other mark. The use of the chemicals is not necessary for the surface cleaning as it might lead to staining.

  • Deck Sanding:

Sanding the surface of the wooden deck comes next to washing the surface. The process of sanding is to ensure that the wooden surface has no rough spots. The roughness of the surface leads to an uneven surface. The experts who deal with the deck sanding in Applecross say that deck sanding must only be carried on after the surface has completely dried up. This process is a sort of restoration process for the wooden decks.

deck sanding in Applecross

  • Checking for the Stains:

Once the stains have been removed during the cleaning process, the step includes checking of the stains yet again. The hard stains have already been removed from the surface. The use of the colour then covers the remaining light coloured stains. The use of the brush to colour the areas of the stain might take time but are considered as the effective way to hide and provide the surface with a fresh and clean look.


With the best ways to be followed for the deck restoration, a person can easily get an old deck to the best of the form. The rehabilitation of the deck ensures that the old deck gets the new form and look by the rehab process.

deck sanding in Applecross

Resource Box-The author is associated with deck restoration in Baldivis and possesses in-depth knowledge about the services of deck sanding in Applecross.

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