Customized Harnesses Available On Request Part - II

Posted by fusiontactical usa on February 17th, 2018

Our Velcro Belt Keepers are versatile and able to accommodate any belt. The velcro helps keep belts tight and compact for everyday use. They feature nylon webbing stitched with nylon bonded thread for extra durable wear. Available in black, coyote brown and foliage green; fits up to a 2.25" wide belt.

Customized harnesses available on request.

Our full body harnesses are heavy-duty yet light-weight while having a number of useful features, making them perfect for tactical use.

All feature: Cooling 3D EVA Foam inner padding, multiple D-Ring anchor points, adjustable Leg/Chest straps with Raptor™ aluminum quick-release buckles (with 4,000 lb MBS), webbing with 5,000 lb MBS rating and multiple gear loops.

Ergonomic and Efficient. Our K9 Product line is constructed with man's best friend in mind. Equipped with the most durable of materials and featuring our signature heavy-duty hardware, Fusion Tactical K9 Products can handle the harshest of conditions. We feature a variety of products ranging from leashes and collars to harnesses made especially with your canine's comfort and well-being at the forefront. Customizations available on request


  •   1,200 lb rated handle
  •   18 kN rated in-direct pull
  •   Raptor™ aluminum quick-release buckle
  •   5,000 lb rated MIL-SPEC Type 13 webbing with nylon bonded threads
  •   1 Carabiner: 4,000 lb rated, straight gate
  •   1 Leash: 5,000 lb rated nylon webbing
  •   4,000 lb rated hasp pin shackle, loop
  •   1 Belt: 4,000 lb rated Raptor™ quick-release aluminum buckle


  •              Rubberized handle bar
  •              5,000 lb rated large D-ring & MIL-SPEC Type 13 Webbing
  •              Padded EVA/mesh system
  •              High-Visibility Strips
  •              Raptor™ quick-release aluminum buckle

Products ranging from daisy chains, ladders, and slings. All feature heavy duty nylon webbing rated at 5,000 lb. Customizations available on request


•19mm wide nylon webbing with reinforced stitching

•7 stitched loops

•Length: 46"

•Fall protection use

•MBS: 5,000 lb

•Individual loops: 1,000 lb


•19mm wide Nylon webbing

•Attached velcro pouch for convenient storage

•Length: 66" or 5 ft

•4 reinforced loops

•Great use to aid climbing system

•MBS: 5,000 lb

•Individual Loops: 1,000 lb


•MIL-SPEC 5625 tubular webbing

•Non-reflective black oxide plated quick release shackle (5000 lbs rated)

•2 Plunger pin hasp shackles with non-reflective black oxide finish (4,000 lb rated)

•Expanded Length: 32", Retracted Length: 22" (based on 2 ft)


Our Drop Down Kits are available in 2" only. The drop down strap replacement is designed to be compact and low profile while it's tight enclosure (max 2") minimizes any shifting while in motion. The UV and resin treated webbing is 5,000 lb rated/abrasion resistant and features T131 Nylon bonded thread for extra durability. Each strap features a Raptor™ aluminum quick-release buckle rated at 4,000 lb, making it stronger than using regular plastic buckles.

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