Automation Machines Need Human Help

Posted by Rosypeter on February 19th, 2018

Automation Machines Need Human Help

Humans create machines and program them to perform tasks. It is the power of imagination and thinking of humans. It is the main difference between humans and machines. The automated machines in the industry can act intelligent and do several things without human interference.

Machine dominate humans in production

During the manufacturing process, to solve complicated problems, automation machines need human help. Robots can exceed the capacity of humans in performing extensive and repetitive tasks. The machines can do the tasks continuously. It is not possible for a human to perform the task continuously for three days and to produce the products that are reliable in size and quality. From this machines dominate the humans in the production process. 

Following are certain of the situations where it comes to be tough for businesses to automate a production process. There may be a complicated task and it needs to be automated. But it is not done due to the financial limitation.  Business cannot spend money on expensive automation technology when the demand for a product is unpredictable. In the situation when humans can do a task effectively as compared to a machine. When the installation cost of automation machine is very high.

Role of humans

In the modern days, the role of humans is to inspection and supervision. The advancement in the technology makes it hard to understand the automation. Lack of skilled labors makes it hard for manufacturers to progress with machine failures. The skilled labor plays a major role in making automation system successful and profitable.

The automation is generally associated with the minimum human interference and low labor costs. With minimum human interference, the manufacturer must achieve the goal with the automation system.

Though, humans play a critical role in growth, design, installation, maintenance, and overall management of an automated industrial device. There are lots of advantages on automation system in the industries. Do you have the question, “How to learn robotics?” in your mind. To know the latest advancements in the robotics field, study robotics in Robotics Training Institute in Chennai. You can purchase Buy Robot Parts Online India and try to build a robot on your own creativity. This will improve your knowledge.

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