Know the Benevolent, Embrace the Omnipresent: Hear God, Speaking to You

Posted by tessiejoseph25 on February 19th, 2018

They say, our life’s ultimate quest is to find God, to catch a wisp of him, and unfurl all our worries at him to receive the sweet taste of victory above virtues.
A lot has been made known in the Bible, and a lot has to be preached to the young guns so that they know their ancient’s bloodlines and the teachings they need to adhere to.

However, the process is not as simple as it may sound.
After the ties of managing preachers begun to open up in front of the outside world, people were well on their way from deviating what has been administered to them as self-righteous and all-humane sophistication.
That was the time when churches started to lose their former glory and the building which was used to be the divine palace of God, reduced to a mere place of worshipping.
The religious people were separated from atheists, and the Holy Trinity was only for the God lovers to claim.

As per several scholars, there are two concentric circles that are usually portrayed to display God as an absolute. The inner circle is usually described as a mini circle, radiating its glow lastly till the confinements of the outer circle.
When Dante, reached the final circle of heaven, all was revealed to him in a single flash of light, which otherwise humans can’t seem to fathom.
Through modern and medieval literature pieces, people are again undertaking the voyage of their lives; to truly seek the God and unearth all the deepest treasures of knowledge.

But, the experienced and novices perceive God differently, as the adolescents are forced to recite prayers whose meaning they aren’t yet able to fully understand or grasp.
While the adults, mostly belong to the church-going community, want God to help them with everything related to family, money and their career aspirations.

The best way is to take his hand and sail over the Seas, let go off his hand and swept away by nothingness, seek it back, and the all-loving God will forgive you for all your sins and ignorant maneuvers.

There are many ways to find God, one that has been around for centuries is sure, churches.
If you want your kid to learn religious values and get closer to good deeds and ultimately God, then ask him to go to one of the best churches for young adults, who simplify the religious teachings in a fun and eclectic fashion.

If you are a resident of Williamsburg, you can look up for Williamsburg Christian churches on the internet to receive a listicle of options in front of your naked eyes.
Don’t wait anymore, discover God in your ways.

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