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Posted by Chomko LA on February 19th, 2018

You will need a post clock to convey time to passerby and it is highly essential for big campuses, open grounds, golf courses, shopping complexes, community areas and streets. These areas are used by large number of people engaged in various activities and keeping track of time enable them to finish their duties efficiently and in time.  Post clocks have many uses and they can be planted along sidewalks, crossroads, building tops, and the various holes at golf courses. Manufacturers have come with a huge range of post clocks that can be ideally planted in these areas and used with maximum effect.

A golf course will need post clocks at various places including the 18 holes and can be very useful in dictating the pace of play. They are offered with big dials and digital display so time can be tracked from long distances. A Rolex model post clock planted on the building top or in front of the club house will be a jewel in the crown of a golf ground. Modern technology has enabled these clocks to run without upkeep and updates as they come fitted with latest time tracking devices and solar powered batteries. Users don’t have to be worry about powering and maintaining these clocks because technology takes care of both.

The post clock is an elegant ornament in the fascia of a street and you can find sidewalks in cities and towns sporting them with great prominence. The clocks are useful for telling the time to pedestrians and commuters alike and huge ornamental street clocks function as important landmarks in the map of a city or town. Your community centre or shopping mall can have post clocks in their periphery and can be customized to display the name of these establishments. The solar powered street clocks are very effective because they are convenient, economical and efficient. You don’t need to plug them into mains for running them because they draw power from the sun via solar panels and they don’t need synchronization because they get accurate time from GPS satellites.

If you are looking for street clocks for your community, golf course, manufacturing unit, or city streets, the last mentioned variety is the most suitable because it efficient and economical as it is capable of taking care of its power issue and upkeep.

Summary: This article is about street clock and where they are used. The article also recommends the solar powered street clocks as the most suitable time teller for city streets, golf courses, manufacturing units, communities and shopping malls.

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