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Apache Spark Training

Big data usage is increasing day by day and various initiatives are done for fastest access for a large amount of data. Apache Spark is an open-source cluster computing framework for big data access with an interface technology for programming entire clusters with implicit data parallelism and fault tolerance. It requires cluster management and distributed storage systems for storage of a large amount of data thereby helps in implementing iterative algorithms.

Features of Apache spark

  • Apache Spark gives us a complete framework to manage big data processing requirements with a diverse range of data set.
  • Apache Spark lets you quickly write applications in Java, Scala, or Python.

Due to its varied advantages Apache Spark Big Data Training in Chennai is on increasing trend. Many aspirants are looking their way to get best of their training from the city.

Apache Spark Training Syllabus

Using this course you can learn the fundamentals of Spark programming language. The course trains you to install and configure the program on Spark environment, SparkSQL, Stream Processing, Machine Learning with MLlib etc. Spark Training Academy Chennai is providing excellent Apache Spark and Scala training by professionals. This course syllabus is designed to learn Apache Spark from beginner level to in-depth level. The syllabus includes:

  • Introduction to Spark: The beginner’s course helps you understand Apache Spark, streaming process, installation of development tools related to Spark.
  • Programming model with Spark: This area covers programming understandability, introduction to Spark RDD, Spark library stack.
  • Working with Spark SQL: covers the concept of Spark SQL, Aggregation in Spark SQL, Data Catalogs etc.
  •  Spark Data with Python: Python an essential programming language for spark is dealt here.
  • Working with Spark Stream Processing: This part of syllabus gives you an overview of spark streaming processing, Micro batch data processing, Windowed data processing.
  •  Spark Machine Learning: Covers Overview of Machine Learning, Concept on Spark Machine Learning, Wine classification and prediction.
  •  Spark Machine Learning using MLlib: The Concepts dealt here are Introduction to MLlib, MLlib with regression, MLlib Classification.
  • Optimizations and Performance Tuning: The last part deals with Overview of Optimization, Memory Optimizing and Serialization to improve performance.

The clearly depicts the quality of training that is being guaranteed at Apache Spark Big Data Training in Chennai.

Hadoop Spark Training

Another important tool for Big Data usage is Hadoop Spark. Owing to its high demand Hadoop Spark training in Chennai is gaining it is important.

Features of Hadoop Spark

  • Provides concise and consistent APIs in Scala, Java and Python.
  • Offers interactive shell for Scala and Python.

Hadoop Training syllabus

  • JAVA, Hadoop Fundamentals
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Advanced MAPREDUCE
  • Administration – Information required at Developer level
  • HBase, HIVE and other Hadoop Ecosystem.

The training is completely focused to get placement in MNC and certification after completion of the course helps you get through great heights. Our team of Hadoop Spark trainers is Apache Spark certified professionals with more real-time experience in live projects. Hadoop Spark training in Chennai serves to be a unique formula for breaching your all queries related to storage and cluster processing.

Prerequisite for Spark training courses

There is no prerequisite necessary for Spark training courses. Beginners should have the basic knowledge of database, SQL and query language for making yourself ready for the high-level training to be carried out in the academy.

These Spark training academy Chennai offers a Course syllabus is an ample one for anyone who wants to get Spark certification which meets industry expectations. These spark training courses be it Apache Spark or Hadoop helps you fetch a good place in your firm and guides in your safe position to project managers and business intellectual professionals. Explore the path of big data with Spark training and reach your goal.

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