Smoking a Customised Cig? Reasons Why you should Use Glass Filters

Posted by Ron William on February 20th, 2018

The people fond of the weeds find every possible means to make the smoking a pleasurable experience. They try out every new method to make sure that they are always experimenting in the field of smoking. Blunt wraps, rolling joints are some of their trials to make smoking interesting.

Smoking Experience and Filters:

With the use of the glass tips, the smoking experience is enhanced. Many would question the role of the use of the glass tips while smoking. Smokers do not want to get even a part of their weed go waste. This glass tip helps the smokers to smoke the entire weed without wasting a portion of it. The paramount thing to consider in this case is that the use of the glass filters leaves behind no tars on the tip of the fingers or the lips.

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An Anecdote:

Mr Walter has been a passionate smoker for years and has tried weeds. He loves experimenting with the smoking pattern. He tells about his experience about how smoking had been a few years ago. He also agrees that the introduction of the modern form of the smoking ways has made smoking easier and safer. It has also reduced the ill effects that smoking causes on the health of an individual.

Reasons to Use the Glass Filters:

The following are the reasons why one should use a glass filter during smoking a customised cigarette-

Feel of Less Heat Sensation:

Installing the glass tip or filter onto the tip of the cigarette or the joint would not let the fingers to sense the heat onto the mouth and hand. Even the inhalation of the weed would not allow the tar of the weed to touch the skin.

Makes Smoking an Easy Affair:

The smoking filters are portable and can be attached as per the convenience.  The filters are easy to clean. The best rolling tray comes with glass tips, filter and paper dispenser. The smoking gets easier as it saves the throat and in turns the lungs by no longer burning the finger.

Some Special Qualities of the Smoke Filter:

Some of the best qualities of the glass filter that has made its utility far popular are as follows-

  • It prevents the unwanted herbs from coming into the mouth and thus make smoking a smooth affair
  • Some of the glass filters are heat resistant. This gives the smoke sufficient time to cool down considerably before reaching the mouth or lips.
  • Buying a filter should be taken much care as this is what decides how perfectly one would inhale the smoke without distorting the originality of the flavours.
  • The level of the inhalation of the tar is also reduced. This can be viewed on the surface of the glass filter. This filter can later be removed to clean and can be reused.


It can, therefore, be concluded that the introduction of the glass filters has changed the way of smoking amongst the passionate smokers. The companies have been doing well to make smoking more pleasurable.

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