Aerospace Oxygen System Market Analysis and Forecast Study for 2025

Posted by mahendra lunkad on February 21st, 2018

Oxygen is a pivotal part of our lives, quintessential for sustenance of human, animal and plant alike, the gas accounts for 21.0 percent in terms of volume among all dry air constituents. With evolving transportation scenario, passengers’ preference have shifted from using wheels to cars to aircrafts. As per International Air Transport Association, in 2015, globally, over 3.5 Billion people had safely commuted. With air transport being cost effective day-by-day, the number of travellers is expected to increase significantly.

Thriving number of aircraft passengers has created a strong demand for efficient oxygen systems. With increasing altitude, partial pressure of oxygen decreases which makes it progressively more difficult to inhale or intake oxygen. To maintain suitable level of oxygen concentration for both passengers and pilot, life support systems and oxygen systems are required. Aerospace oxygen systems provide oxygen to occupants through pipe lines, fittings and are centrally regulated. With applications in cargo, transport and military sectors, the demand for aerospace oxygen system market is increasing steadily. 

Global Aerospace Oxygen System Market: Drivers & Restraints

Leading aircraft carriers engage in regular maintenance and upgrade the aircraft’s oxygen systems on a regular basis. With the influx of upgraded and automated systems, the sales of aerospace oxygen market is expected to escalate significantly. Stringent air safety laws enacted by international organization such as Federal Aviation and Administration are expected to aid the sales of the aerospace oxygen system market. The increasing production of aircrafts for both passenger and military applications is the pivotal factor influencing the unit sales of aerospace oxygen system during the forecast period. However, owing to the high cost of equipment and significant addition of equipment and their weight to overall weight, liquid and gaseous oxygen system sales are limited as compared to other systems. 

The global aerospace oxygen system market is also segmented on the basis of region. Among all regional markets, North America aerospace oxygen system market is expected to dominate throughout the forecast period. With major aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Cessna and Bombardier focusing on expanding fleet size to cater to the growing demand for small and mid-sized commercial planes, the aerospace oxygen system market is expected to grow swiftly, thereby contributing to the growth of North America aerospace oxygen system market.

Latin America and Middle East and Africa aerospace oxygen system market are challenged by the limited availability of aircraft manufacturers in the region, however, the revenue in the region is expected to be sustained by sales of individual components during the forecast period. Asia Pacific ex. Japan (APEJ) aerospace oxygen system market is expected to create higher opportunity compared to other regions, with volume demand spearheaded by China and India. Western Europe market is expected to gain significant growth post 2018. Russia and Poland are expected to create sustainable opportunities during the forecast period; mainly application in military sector contributing significantly to the overall revenue of the regional market. 

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Global Aerospace Oxygen System Market: Market Participants

The market of aerospace oxygen system is expected to be highly consolidated with relatively limited number of manufacturers in each region. Examples of some of the market participants in the global Aerospace oxygen System market include, Zodiac Aerospace S.A., Basa Aviation Ltd., Cobham PLC, B/E Aerospace, Inc., Air Liquide, Aviation Oxygen System, Inc., Precise Flight, Inc., Technodinamika among other leading manufacturers and suppliers.

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