Preserve and Seal Damaged Property with Polymer Modified Bitumen

Posted by Metal Barrier on February 21st, 2018

Bitumen which is also known as asphalt is usually found naturally as deposits or can be made by the distillation process of crude oil in a fractional manner. They are semi-solid in nature. Since ages this material is used by people for various preservations, sealing, binding or waterproofing requirements. In modern times a major number of road work is done using bitumen. Increase in the number of population and transportation puts a lot of pressure on roads. There is a need of making better quality roads which can withstand the pressures of increasing wheels.

Bitumen has a drawback. Their durability in comparing to other materials is a bit lower. They sometimes in hot weathers tend to become soft and slick owing to its reduced strength. This impacts the quality of roads and causes risk for drivers. Polymer modified bitumen is a product which is obtained by adding polymer to the bitumen. The viscosity of the bitumen transforms considerably making it stronger and resistant to different kind of pressures. Polymer modified bitumen manufacturers India has developed superior quality polymer bitumen in order to enhance the compression strength, resilience of tensile, stiffness in heated temperatures, resistance to cracking in lowered temperatures.

Polymer modified bitumen is specially designed for ensuring a maximized resistance is given to any deformation which is permanent which also lowers down the asphalt mixture fatigues. I demanding locations the asphalt mixtures am needed to be of lowered fatigue. Polymer modified bitumen manufacturers India is professional experts who make their selections carefully. This helps in enhancing the performance of the binder thus also enhancing its elasticity and lowering down of susceptibility to temperature. In a nutshell, this makes the adhesion much better.

The polymer modified bitumen showcases enhanced resistance to the followings:-

  • Ruts
  • Cracks
  • Stripping areas
  • Ageing lands
  • Thermal related cracking

Advantages of using polymer modified bitumen

  • Polymer modified bitumen can be used for the administration of all kind of waxes, polymers and other different additives.
  • This can be used in many forms such as powders, modifiers or granules.
  • Any kind of modification chart of bitumen can be used.
  • These additives can be used for enhancing the adhesion quality of bitumen. Such additives are needed while undergoing a pumping process or adding any changes to any plasticizers.

Introduction to polymer modified bitumen in road structuring or repairing can prove to be the best-decided material since it ensures complete safety and high quality.

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