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Posted by Ankit Awasthi on February 22nd, 2018

When we talk about beard growth you will have to choose a bottle of beard oil that stay out of thousands of similar beard care product. Beard is not just facial hair even assume it like you have the valuable ownership of your beard. Keep it like your beard add value to your charming personality. If you don’t have a beard then grow it with the help of Mothers Man beard oil (serum) if you have, then nourish it, give your beard shine, groom it, make it softer and adjustable by using the same. The mixture of essential oils like Argan oil, Hazelnut oil, Grapeseed oil, Wheat germ oil, coconut oil has enough power to open your follicles and let your facial hair grow.

Benefit of using Mothers Man Beard oil (serum)

On the off chance that you need your beard to have that attractive and hobo look, Mothers Man Beard Oil can be used. It not only influences you to consider yourself as the most known supermodel, yet in addition averts redness and irritation. Coconut concentrates and chamomile oil keep the beard supported and delicate. The Argan oil and Hazelnut oil helps in re-growing the dead skin and dead cells. Even Argan oil and Grapeseed oil are the only ingredients that can help growing beardin genetic issues. Mothers Man beard oil is all in one formula that prevents you to use multiple beard products. Your beard style can also be maintained by using Mothers Man beard oil (serum).

Since you've grown a beard, maintenance is basic. One key part of beard maintenance is the utilization of beard oil. Make beyond any doubt you've requested the best beard oil that is Mothers Man Beard Oil.

The length and thickness of your beard will decide how much beard oil you have to utilize. Similarly as with most oils, a little will go far.

How to use Beard oil


Wash your face or beard with lukewarm water and wipe gently with towel


Shake Beard oil (serum) bottle for 5 seconds so that all the natural ingredients can be mixed well


Take 4-5 drops of Mothers Man Beard oil (serum) on your palm with the help of dropper


Massage it gently on your bearded area with the help of fingertips.

Additional key points to be remembered-

1- Best use @ night before going to bed

2- Avoid dust after applying beard oil

3- Try not to shave during the days of using it

Okay, guys, this is the manner by which you can prep and deal with your beard. While growing it by using Mothers Man beard oil try not to shave or trim till 20 days so that you can determine the result. Used ingredients make this product 100% organic thus using mothers Man Beard oil is the simplest way to grow your beard in 20 days naturally. 

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