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These are a well said words in the society that educated persons would show good manners, decency, better behavior towards all and ethical conduct, while on the other hand an uneducated person don’t have manners, has uncivilized behavior and are involved with the criminal activities. After Indian independence the government gives more emphasis on modern education. Today if we compare the standards of students those who have passed out recently, there is a huge decline in the ethical values. In modern educational institutions, there is lack of emphasis on the concept of human development and nation building process which automatically results in sharp decline of ethical values among new generation.

IIMT, University Meerut, having ranked as top MCA colleges in Uttar Pradesh is working to increase ethical values, philosophical thinking, study, research and moral development in education system. Major reason behind ethical deterioration in education system is rapidly spreading corruption. Corruption in education includes bribes and illegal fees for admission and examination, academic fraud, withholding teacher salaries, preferential promotion and placement, charging students for tutoring sessions to cover the curriculum needed to pass mandatory examinations which should have been taught in the classroom, teacher absenteeism and illegal practices in textbook procurement, meal provision, and infrastructure. Political interference is one of the most important causes for the declining ethical values in education system of India. The policy relating to recruitment, promotion and transfer of teachers in the education system are having a political interference. The political interference is largely responsible for misuse of human resource management in education. Different political parties and their leaders often use many teachers as their party workers and these teachers also participate willingly in politics. So the moral and ethical commitment of teachers has gradually decreased over the years due to political interference.

In ancient India, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the epics manifested and upheld the values of Indian society. Today school and college curriculum lack concentration towards ethical education. We are not able to give ethical value education not at home as well as not at schools in India. Although value education is included in the primary education curriculum but at high school and college level, which are the most sensitive stages to build the character of the youth, the curriculum finds no space to value education. However the present set up of education system makes them perfect money makers but fails to make them realize a bit to their identity as human beings. In present scenario, education means how to earn money or job and the aspect of values and morals is completely neglected. This attitude has increased many perpetual problems in Indian education system.

Today most of the unsocial activities are being committed by well-educated new generation. At IIMT, University Meerut, the courses offered by College of Computer Science and Applications are considered as top MCA colleges in Uttar Pradesh. We are working hard to make students a perfect human being by including Sanskrit, hobby classes, various activities, moral and ethical education as a part of the curriculum.

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