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Dr. Vikash Kumar: Treatment for Bad Breath in Noida

Posted by vinitdztul on February 22nd, 2018

Finding the effective cure to persistent foul breath problems

One of the most common oral health issues around the world is that of bad breath. The medical term for this disorder is halitosis. This is one oral problem that is not just the cause of embarrassment for the one who has it but also a thing of irritation for the ones who interact with the person. The general cause of halitosis is taken to be poor dental hygiene but it may also be the sign of other more serious health problems. So, taking care before things get out of hand is imperative in the matter.

The causes of bad breath

The most widely known cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene but there might be more reasons in the Crowns and Bridges of your teeth that lead to a foul breath. Bad breath is worsened by certain types of food and other unhealthy habits of modern day lifestyle. When you eat the food, it starts to break down in your mouth. Smell of food that has strong odor like onions or garlics only get covered up temporarily when you wash your mouth. Until and unless you brush and floss, the odor is not going to go away from your mouth.

Best Specialist Doctors Sector 104 Noida

According to Best Specialist Doctors Sector 104 Noida, people who do not have the habit of brushing and flossing daily are more at risk for foul breath. They opine that dental deterioration only begins at bad breath and the situation goes from bad to worst.

The ways to treat bad breath

The good news is thatfoul breath is something that can be treated both at home and also professionally if the problem is too persistent. The first step of Bad Breath Treatment is using the right kind of toothbrush. You can go for single or multi-tufted bristles but make sure that the brush is of medium or small size. Make sure that you do not use a toothbrush for more than three to four months. You can go for those brushes that have tongue cleaner at the back or opt for a separate tongue scrubber. Do not go too harsh with the brush as you might end up doing more harm than good that way.

If you see that the problem is not getting cured even after all the precaution, then take the help of a dentist. He will check whether the problem is something graver than bad breath.

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