What's the best artifct for Dark Lord?

Posted by Tony Smith on February 23rd, 2018

As an entertainer, I have been playing MU Legend for some time. The role I have built is Dark Lord, a very strong warrior.

To be honest this game is very satisfactory, especially in the game's unique skills system and artifact system, different collocation allows me to experience the extraordinary fun of the game. I want to talk about some artifacts for Dark Lord.

Frenzy is a good starting artifact (lvl 20) if you want to run around with Eternal Flames, because it keeps the speeds up all the time, so you have movement and speed. and damege bonus all the time up just by passing around mobs. Sunrise is a easily good DPS option for Lupa Push build. Rainbow is everyones favorite for Dark Lord. And of course, artifacts like Hysteria, Cold Heart (in Blood Castle) are also great.

However, the artifact in the game is not readily available and requires some amount of time to invest in, as well as a certain amount of gameplay skills. If you want to get class artifacts in the early game to make the game easier, I recommend MMOAH to Buy MU Legend Zen. With a lot of MU Legend Zen, you can get everything you need at the auction house.

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Tony Smith

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