On Page SEO for Beginners

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Digital Marketing Course training 


The first thing to learn in Digital Marketing, it is classified into On Page SEO and Off Page SEO,

All you need to know about On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO?

The major thing in On-Page SEO is keyword research, first and foremost step. Decide who should visit your business.When you are selling candy in your stall candy lovers should visit your shop, not the candy haters.

In Google, we are playing with words where candy lovers and candy haters have a similarity to the word candy. When you go in depth you get to know why it is important. Keyword research is not a copy paste work, the smarter you are the better results you get.Be smarter.

The Candy Street:

Think the search engine result page as a street and in this street, there are 10 shops who are selling the same candies whatever you sell, why would the buyer choose your shop among the top ten.You might think that your candies are sweeter than the others and your candies are best at its quality and you sell at a lesser price than them.

But the customer will come to know all this only when he comes inside your shop and you cannot go and pull the customer into your shop, then the owner of the street will penalize you[Google]. The only thing that you can do is attract them with a right banner and that is your meta title and description.

Google’s one of the major ranking factors is Meta title and Meta description. Meta title is nothing the title which displays on the Google search engine result page. Before deciding your meta title think of yourself.

When you have ten similar options in front of you which one will you choose, and what is the reason behind your choice.No one will choose in random, random choices are pretty rare. Think yourself as your target audience and then give them a reason to choose you among those 10 results.

Remember that majority of them doesn’t know anything about you or your company all they see is your meta title and the meta descriptions, So express the best of your firm with the targeted keyword and One more thing you cannot have a very big banner as you want in front of your shop the street owner has a prescribed a size 512 pixels and how much ever big you keep the street owner will display only 512 pixels of it so better be wise in using them.

Now coming to the next important factor, the meta description, 

It is said that 50% to 70% of people choose you because of your descriptions, So when users are giving importance to descriptions so does Google and so should you.

The solid proof that we have got from Google over the importance meta description is previously the prescribed size was 156 characters because of the user's interest in the descriptions Google has increased size now it is somewhere above 300 characters.

The double of the previous size.

Why do you think that Google has done this?

What do you think Google worry about?

Your business or their business? 

Obviously theirs and where do their lie? 

It lies on the users of Google. So they have made the change to satisfy their user, and finally, what you learn from this google do what the users want and when we make google to feel we can give the right service to their users Google will rank you on top. 

Become a Pro in Digital Marketing 

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On Page SEO for Beginners
Digital Marketing Course training SEO :The first thing to learn in Digital Marketing, it is classified into On Page SEO and Off Page SEO,All you need to know about On Page SEOWhat is On Page SEO?The major thing in On-Page SEO is keyword research, first and foremost step. Decide who should visit your business.When you are selling candy in your ...

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