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Posted by ijakv tanik on February 24th, 2018

Switzerland is without doubt the most interesting tourist destinations on earth. Also known as the land of the Alps, Switzerland has an amazing nature full of crystal clear lakes and snow covered mountain tops making it a perfect destination for many holidaymakers. Being that it's surrounded by three different countries, the fusion of culture in Switzerland is simply amazing and that is why so many people in the world all over, troop to this place for holidays. Apart from the picturesque landscapes and the crystal clear lakes, the country has a number of sites which have both historical and archeological importance to the modern humanity. The museums in Switzerland are very unique because they are all stores of treasurer to the art lovers and historians. Popularly known for a mixture of French, Italian, German and the Swiss culture, Switzerland holidays are known to offer some of the best experience when it comes to fusion of cultures.

Switzerland is a country full of natural attractions, excellent entertainment joints as well as a mixture of different cultural activities. Not only will a Switzerland holiday offer you a blend of natural and manmade sceneries like the fountain, but also a horde of various cultural activities as per the norms and traditions of the Swiss. While considering a Switzerland holiday, there are a few attractions that act as the core of any holiday in Switzerland, Ferien Grächen and you must never miss them. While this list is not exhaustive, it will provide with more than enough attractions to keep you busy while you enjoy your vacation. One last point though, there are several places and several activities to do while in Switzerland and as a matter of fact, you will be literally spoilt for choices.

The Swiss National Park

The Swiss National Park should be the first on your list during your Switzerland holiday. The park is the home to very many exotic species of animals and plants and to bird watchers, you will love this place as it will give you the opportunity to see various kinds of birds in their natural habitats. The park is very expansive, serene and is covered with green all through the year. A very perfect place to spend your honeymoon, the Swiss National Park will let you have some good times while you enjoy a background of the Alps Mountain.


This is the capital city of Switzerland and its one of the most preferred destinations of people who wants to have a holiday in Switzerland. Many honeymooners prefer to come to Bern due to its beauty and the shopping experience it offers to the newlyweds. The shops in Bern are very popular due to the fact that they are situated in the medieval streets which run almost six kilometers long. In the shops, you will be presented with products from world renowned fashion designers as well as some designs from the locals. Another unique thing which makes Bern to be attractive to many who wants to have a Switzerland holiday is that it is the headquarters to a number of international organizations. According to UNESCO, Bern has some of the world's major assets.

The Chillon Castle

Also known as the Chateau de Chillon, the Chillon Castles is one of the major tourist attractions in the country. Most people having a Switzerland holiday will normally include this in their itinerary because it has a lot to offer in terms of history and ancient culture. Its attractiveness is further enhanced by the fact that it's the oldest castle still standing in the banks of Lake Geneva. The composition of this castle is amazing! In it, you will find over one hundred buildings, three elaborate court yards, several dungeons and four great walls. While you are on the walls of the Chillon Castle, you will have a wonderful view of the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva and the majestic view of the whole lake altogether. Even if you don't want to visit any other place during your Switzerland holiday, just make a commitment to visit this castle and the experience will be worth your time.

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