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Posted by George Shelton on February 24th, 2018

Battery reconditioning is a way of prolonging the life span of various types of batteries. When reconditioning a battery you are essentially bringing old batteries back to their original working condition – restoring them to their full capacity.

Battery reconditioning is a relatively simple process which can save you money. Professionals working in relevant fields already know that reconditioning a car battery is an excellent and inexpensive way to extend its life, and some mechanics recondition used batteries and re-sell them at a higher price.

The fact is recharging your battery will give your battery only a limited life time but reconditioning will give it back its full power. There are two to three methods of reconditioning batteries and after you come across them, you will realize the fact that they are very simple and require little effort. Another important factor to note is that the process is very cost efficient and it could even be established as a small scale business.

The vast majority of batteries can be reconditioned, especially if they are a rechargeable battery. This includes lead acid batteries, Li-Ion batteries, Ni-Cd batteries and also Ni-MH batteries. Avoiding a hassle and problem by trying to do a battery reconditioning when they first start to lose power can also be useful to extend the life. Many times people wait until they are badly decreased in power before starting to work on the battery, which can create issues in getting them back up to full power again.

The easiest batteries to recondition after the lead acid batteries are the Ni-Cd or Ni-MH batteries. These are typically rechargeable batteries that are quite easy to find, and extremely affordable. Batteries generally have a life span of five years, and advanced designs can last seven to 10 years, so don't feel too bad if your old battery makes its way to the recycler. You can extend the life of your battery by making sure it stays fully charged and avoiding rapid charging.

Whenever you're dealing with batteries you want to make sure to use the proper safety gear to keep yourself as safe as possible. This includes solid gloves, goggles or safety glasses to protect your eyes, and a first aid kit on hand (although if you use common sense and have the right protective clothes, this shouldn't be an issue).

Take a few steps early on to make sure you're doing everything safely and you won't regret it. When properly prepared, car battery reconditioning is a safe process that really helps you get the job done.

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