Lawn Mowing - The Basics Every Home Or Business Owner Should Know!

Posted by gghbn on February 25th, 2018

It's a given in life your grass grows, so someone has to mowing. Whether you take on the task of lawn mowing around your Cherry brook home...or hire someone else to do it. it has to be done! Just like getting your hair cut on a regular must your lawn be mowed on a consistent schedule?

In spite of the type of grass you have around your Cherry brook, NSW home, it will look its most excellent and healthiest at a certain height, maintained by proper lawn mowing. Cutting it too short can be just as damaging to your lawn as letting it grow wild. What is the basic rule of lawn mowing in Cherry brook?? Never cut more than one-third of the leaf blade, even if you have to mow it more than once a week! And always - always - use a mower with a sharp blade.

Using the right grass, good soil, and timely Lawn Mowing Cherrybrook  care should have you well on the way to a champion lawn around your Cherry brook home. Be patient established lawn takes several seasons to mature completely. When it does, you'll be glad you followed these lawn mowing rules early on.

Let's review a few quick tips to follow for proper lawn mowing in Cherry brook:

1. Remove sticks, leaves, rocks, and tall, unwanted plants or weeds from your Cherry brook lawn area before lawn mowing season begins.

2. Keep your grass mown at the tallest possible height for the grass species in your yard. To encourage healthy root growth, and reduce the need for watering, keep your grass as high as is optimum for the species.

3. Keep your mower blades will use less fuel when lawn mowing and your lawn will look more manicured.

4. If using a lawn mowing service has them perform a soil test at least once a year and amend the soil accordingly.

5. When finished with your lawn mowing, leave grass clippings on your lawn. Warm season grasses like those found in and around Cherry brook are prone to thatch problems (a layer of old, dead grass stems that builds up on lawns, prevents air, water, and nutrients from getting to your lawn's root system) , but grass clippings do not cause thatch buildup.

6. Aerate in the spring or fall, but not during the summer. During hot Cherry brook summers, aerating can cause unnecessary stress for your plants.

7. Water deeply and infrequently. During the December through March timeframe, your lawn will need about 1/3 as much water as during the summer months.

A well-maintained lawn can offer hours of passive relaxation after the work is done. Whether doing it manually, or hiring a lawn service professional, following these lawn mowing tips will give you the healthiest yard in your Cherry brook neighborhood!

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