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Posted by junxypowersolutions on February 26th, 2018

Batteries are used to run many electronics without using electricity for the purpose. Many people, to save electricity bill, use battery operated home appliances and as such household or office appliances. Whether or not the battery will be able to run the appliance or any gadget needs to be verified and tested first and then it should be sold or bought. The only way to verify and test your stationary batteries if they will perform to specification is to test the batteries’ capacity with a DC load bank. The DC Series of Load Banks are specifically designed to do proper battery capacity testing & maintenance, acceptance testing, discharge testing and for doing other necessary testing for DC power systems.

Readers will find it interesting to know that there are 3 main load bank testing solutions:  
i. Resistive,
ii. Reactive and
iii. Resistive/Reactive.

Resistive Load Banks – It actually is the most common type that is used popularly. It is capable to convert electrical energy to heat, using power resistors, and it cool the heat by use of air or water.

Reactive Load Banks –It is used for stimulating systems affected by electric motors or other electromagnetic devices on a power network. Generally, equipments that are necessary are power motor-driven devices, transformers and capacitors.

Resistive/Reactive Load Banks –this type of load banks are known to mix and try equating both resistive and reactive elements in one load bank package. They are capable to accommodate equipment up t to 6250 kW. These load banks have also been used for integrated system testing of utility substation protection systems.

These 3 types of load bank testing solutions and these load banks will help users know the potentiality of any batteries to perform the expected way. One might think why so much testing is necessary for batteries and if the only reason to test battery is to check if it can perform well or not. Well, there are other reasons too.

1. Battery testing is necessary for some reasons and such reasons generally include the following, like
2. Users can know if the battery is on its predictable life curve.
3. Users know when to replace a battery.
4. With load testing users will know whether there is a potential weakness in the battery and it is serious enough to require action immediately.
5. It helps users stay worry-free regarding optimizing the reliability of the battery.
6. Users or testers by ensuring load testing can at ease locate weak cells and faulty inter-cell connectors.
7. Users will stay informed and can prepare in advance for all kinds of variables that can negatively affect battery life and its performance.

Some load bank  units are fast and easy to set up. Battery testing device available in the market now-a-days can also display the voltage, current and Ah removed during the test. The previously available loads banks could not do so many things. They can be bought from online virtual stores at a very highly competitive price value very easily.

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