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Posted by accolac99 on February 27th, 2018

The Corsair Cove will be located in the South East of Feldip Hills. The settlement will have walls on all sides with the only access points being a gate in the west wall and the docks. The settlement will be inhabited by Pirates called Corsairs. F2P players will be able to access osrs gold the Cove via a free ship Port Sarim. Members will additionally be able to use Charter Ships to and the Cove. The cove will contain a few low-level fishing spots and trees along with a bank and a dungeon. The dungeon will contain brand new NPCs for players to kill with the aim to offer an alternative location for players to train for a small profit. There would be no notable drops these NPC’s. The gate to the west will be guarded by a corsair who will only let the player out if they have completed Dragon Slayer or if they are a member.

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The expanded area will be cut off the rest of Feldip Hills by a dense forest. There will be two areas members can pass through the forest but F2P won't be able to. The southern Feldip Hills will contain a second dungeon with more of the new NPC (it will be linked to the first dungeon with a members only shortcut). As well as this, the area will contain a mining site with 5 coal, 2 mithril and 1 adamant rock, Yew trees and some fishing spots with Swordfish and Lobster. Players in this area will be able to see the Myths Guild and talk to the Guildmaster.

If the Corsair Cove is added, should we include an expansion of the cove for F2P players who have completed Dragon Slayer? Members will not need to complete the quest to access this area.If the Corsair Cove expansion is added, should we include a ion of Maple trees alongside the proposed Yew trees? Note that this will make Maple trees accessible in F2P.

The Corsair Curse will be a novice quest which is started by talking to the Corsair Captain at the crossroads north of Port Sarim. Completion of the quest will reward players with 2 quest points and access to the bank within the cove. Members will require completion of this quest to use the bank.

If the Corsair Cove is added, should we add a new F2P quest called the Corsair Curse?n Slayer II Design Stream,We'll be live on Thursday 28th September with a design stream. Join Mod West and a host of other Mods throughout the day, beginning at 12pm UTC and ending at 5pm UTC.

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