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Posted by Colin Butler on February 27th, 2018

As per a report prepared by the CNA and CASN, Canada has been experiencing a decline in the number of post-RN programs and the number of enrollments have declined in the last decade (2006). Though the same cannot be said for Entry-to-practice Programs (ETP) and the increasing number of graduates in comparison to the last decade – there is a rising concern about not meeting the annual healthcare demands of the country.

From a global perspective, promoting the importance of nursing leadership should be the central focus of every government promising healthcare services to its citizens. A nurse is an empathetic, caring and culturally sensitive and skilled human entity who knows that health conditions have no borders, creed or caste. The presence of global nurses is the very need for this fast-paced generation where stress, anxiety, illness and substance-borne diseases have destroyed and killed the hopes of many. Waging war against new forms and kinds of diseases and the predominant ones is an onset task set upon a slim and exhausted workforce of doctors, nurses and healthcare facilities.

The need for a global improvement in the procurement of registered nurses can be viably fulfilled by setting up proper nursing education programs to deliver packaged individuals who can handle the healthcare demands.

As a part of the licensing and registering process, Internationally Educated Nurses must enroll for a program in any of the Canadian provinces and, at least, complete a diploma to further participate amongst the serving workforce in the healthcare sector.

Imparting knowledge upon a stable and regular system for Canada’s nursing education– INSCOL is one of the front-runners taking the initiative to provide pathways for a global education and giving opportunities to IENs to become specialized nurses and secure an opening in the future.

One of the best nursing education in Canada is provided by INSCOL in association with the leading colleges in Canada. INSCOL is transforming the skilled landscape and aims at delivering quality nursing education in various specialties like Coronary Care, Critical Care Nursing, and Palliative Care among others.

INSCOL partners with colleges that provide opportunities for Nursing Degree and Diploma holders to build careers that promote growth and better jobs in the best medical facilities on a global front. The student-centric approach and the exclusive academic programs promise quality teaching and skill development to become successful nursing graduates and deliver the new-learnt expertise in trauma centers, healthcare units, emergency rooms, hospitals, and ICUs (Intensive care Units).

Become a Global Nurse with INSCOL - Internationally Educated and globally experienced.

Author’s Bio: The author is an experienced healthcare professional. He has shared his thoughts on the best nursing education in Canada in this article.

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