Use the Best Online Payment Gateway to Tap Into Impulsive Buying Behavior

Posted by PayTabs on February 27th, 2018

Today's online shopping and ecommerce is also about instant gratification and quick delivery. If you are not able to provide instant gratification, your clients will go to your competition in no time. 

Need For Instant Gratification

According to different studies, a large number of people are facing several psychiatric issues these days, because of stressful lifestyles and other complexities present in life. Online shopping provides them instant gratification.

In fact, if we look at the major researches and studies, instant gratification is a leading factor which drives E-Commerce industry. People want their favorite items as and when they desire. Instant gratification has become a universal phenomenon.

Impulsive Buying Behavior

People are living under stressed conditions and this is a fact which leads to impulsive buying behavior. Many people are said to have depression and anxiety and they find pleasure in impulsive shopping.

Depression, Anxiety And Existential Crisis

Apart from depression and anxiety, existential crisis is one of the leading factors why people go for online shopping and want things instantly. People are facing such stress both on and off their workplace. On one hand, they are facing tremendous stress at their workplaces, while on the other hand they are also struggling with severe social and personal issues at home. 

As an ecommerce company, your chances of survival are proportional to your ability to satisfy their needs instantly.  You can not only survive but also thrive and multiply your sales, when you are able to understand and tap into the existential crisis faced by your target audiences. 

Tapping And Attracting Customers

The eCommerce companies work very hard and as a result are able to attract a few customers to their website through paid advertising or through organic searches. Their first priority is to be able to close the sale so that the customer doesn’t have the time or reasons for second thoughts that often lead him to change his mind. 

Confidential Financial Information

It can be a big relief for online shoppers. When a person decides to do some online shopping, he first of all enters his financial details such as the details on their credit cards and debit cards. If they are doing it through net banking then these details are related to their Internet banking account.

Such information is quite sensitive and confidential and nobody would like to give this information to a vendor or an eCommerce company, which doesn't have a secure payment gateway system. Once your customer is sure that you have a payment gateway to support secure financial transactions then only they go ahead and enter their details confidently. For quick order processing, it offers an additional level of trust your customer might be dealing with.

For this, you need the most secure and the best online payment gateway. This speeds up your entire ecommerce and time taken to process the payments and orders. Secured transactions through the best online payment gateway help such kind of people take quick decisions and complete their orders in no time. 

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