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Best Viber spy app tricks 2018

Posted by AmandaJordan on February 27th, 2018

There are always ways to squeeze a little more out of your smartphone, with tools like Viber spy app Xnspy which helps you monitor someone’s phone activity. These tools have been around for some time now but rarely people know how all of their features are operated.

The people, who use Viber, like the medium for two primary reasons: calls and stickers. However, gradually Viber rivals have added similar services, so it has had to adapt to its users and improve on itself consistently.

XNSPY gives you the ability to remotely monitor Viber messages, calls and multimedia files on someone’s phones or tablets. But is this all that the app offers? Surely not! So here are three tricks that we have found helpful to get most out of your spying app.

Handling Contacts:

Deleted or lost contacts is a common issue for smartphone users. The reason could be anything ranging from a damaged or lost smartphone to an accidental data wipe.

So the users employ different methods to save their phone contacts. One way is that the phone contacts can be automatically synced with your Gmail account, so the latest backup will always be available if you enable this. For iOS users, if you have added your Gmail contacts and switched to Contacts sync, your iPhone and Gmail contact will also auto sync.

To be on the safer side, people also export their entire phonebook as an editable CSV file and then keep it as a backup in Google Drive or any other cloud storage.

To access someone’s contacts, you can use the Viber spy app on the target person’s phone. The app would not only provide you the contact details of the Viber related conversations, you can also access the all the contacts on an iPhone or an Android.

To enable this feature you have to log in to your web account and toggle on the “Log contacts” feature from the “Toggle Features” option on the settings page of your account. The app has the mechanism that uploads the contact list on your web account. You can even download the contact lists on your laptop through the app account.

But that’s not all, Xnspy also offers a ‘Contact Watchlist’ feature. You can create a list of contacts that you want to monitor and you will be instantly notified when they contact the target person.

Wiping The Phone Remotely:

What do the people do with their old phones? Many will give it to a friend relative or exchange sell it. But how do they make sure that their personal data is not accessible to anyone else?

While giving away the phone, standard practice is to do a factory reset from the settings page. But most of the people do not realize that even after a factory reset, the data can be recovered from the smartphone.

One of the methods opted to prevent data recovery after a factory reset is to copy random dummy data on the phone (random large video files, photos etc.). This over-writes the storage of the phone. Some people also do a factory reset again, so anyone trying to extract data from the phone will only be able to get the random dummy data last stored.

But is there any way to remove someone’s phone data without even touching it?

There is another way you can use Xnspy Viber spy app to wipe data from someone’s device remotely. You can use this app to wipe all the data on your target smartphone. You can also perform this action on both Android and iPhone devices.

Monitoring WhatsApp Activity:

While it is easy for the apps out there to monitor a limited set of features, only a handful of the apps live up to all the features promised by them. So, if an app promises to spy on Viber with tons of other features, it may monitor the Viber app with accuracy but fall short of providing all other features on its list.

Viber has been overtaken by its competitors in the smartphone world. And the most popular of them is WhatsApp. The advantage of using Xnspy as Viber spy app is that it can also help in monitoring WhatsApp activity of your target phone. Now, this cannot be taken as a side advantage. There are apps on the market now that specifically target monitoring WhatsApp activity. So while you are using the Xnspy app to monitor Viber calls, you can also use it to spy on WhatsApp app on the target phone.

To access the WhatsApp details on the phone, log in to your web account and select the ‘Messenger’ option on the left side of the list. You will be able to view all the WhatsApp call logs, read all chat threads, and all the shared pictures on the WhatsApp conversations.

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