Is SEO the Most Important Contemporary Marketing Method?

Posted by Ryan Justin on February 27th, 2018

SEO Cheshire is fast becoming the go to choice for every level of marketer. Corporate structured, mega companies and small, local business alike are harnessing the powerful potential search engine optimisation has to offer in the way of online marketing.

But is SEO really as important as people are making it out to be? Or are those using SEO simply jumping on a current trend or topic?

In this article, Blue Whale Media will share the insight of an SEO Cheshire company that helps businesses of all size use SEO in their online marketing strategies.

SEO is for Everyone

Possibly the best thing about SEO Cheshire marketing is the fact that it can be implemented by everyone regardless of a company’s size and scope. SEO really is for everyone and can be as little as changing the titles within a website’s text or as well thought and strategized as an ongoing content plan.

With SEO, you get out what you put in- so if you want to continue improving your website’s online exposure, invest more of your own time or money and you will see results.

If you cannot afford to pump lots of cash into an SEO strategy, invest your time instead! Start conducting your own research into what keywords will make an impact in your chosen industry online and create your own optimised content such as blogs and articles.

Speak to a Trusted SEO Cheshire Agency Today

If you do not have the time available but you do not want to spend a huge amount, speak to your SEO Cheshire agency- Blue Whale Media. We offer affordable and effective strategies for everyone with a package to suit everyone’s needs and budget.

Entire Departments Dedicated to SEO

If you keep familiar with the current job market or have an active interest in forms of marketing, you will be aware that the job of SEO executive has become just as popular as general marketer.

Whereas in the past SEO responsibilities would be absorbed by the general duties of a marketer, companies are noticing the major importance of SEO and dedicated roles and even departments to the online marketing method.

This recognition of the importance of SEO is evident in smaller companies as well, as local businesses begin to invest more and more of their available capital into SEO Cheshire to help them compete at a local level.

Sponsored SE Marketing Just Does Not Stack Up

Previous users of online marketing have tended to focus on PPC and sponsored marketing as opposed to SEO methods that produce organic traffic. In reality these types of sponsored marketing cannot compare or compete with SEO marketing.

On average, users of search engines only click onto a sponsored link 1 out of every 10 times they search.

What has been found is that the majority of the time, web searchers will completely skip over sponsored results in order to reach organic results.

So doesn’t investing in these expensive forms of marketing seem like a waste of your capital?

There is a reason SEO is currently dominating the world of online marketing- it is cost effective and produces results.

Speak to Your SEO Cheshire Company Today

If you want to begin your SEO journey or need help with an ongoing SEO campaign, speak to your SEO Cheshire company today. We offer bespoke, fully customised SEO campaigns to help businesses of all size compete within their industries.

You can reach us at or call us on: 01925 552 050.

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