what is IVR? Know How phone tree IVR system works for you business

Posted by Marsha Leyva on February 28th, 2018

Interactive voice response service is the automated way to interact with the customers. In doing this, all the customers will get a conversation with the virtual receptionist which will assist or guidebook them without the live agent. Advanced Software Applications on-surroundings your business with their process of interaction.

IVR generates a phone tree for caller’s comfort so that they can connect to their concern departments directly.

There are two types of IVR phone trees - One is Touchtone, and another one is speech which can be known as directed languages.

I want to summarize both types of IVR technology:

Touchtone means whenever your customer will call you, they’ll greet by the virtual receptionist and then they’ll get the option to select based on the requirements.


Press “1” for sales

Press “2” for support

Press “3” for billing

Speech tree procedures similarly just like the touch tone tree; the only difference is it shall allow the customers to speak their responses.


The virtual receptionist says “Please make sure to share your nervous about us.” and the customer will speak their nervous about the IVR hosted system then. And then they will route to the agent which will resolve their issues.

Uses of IVR system -

1. Scan your work with customer’s feedback- IVR will assist you to conduct surveys so you can get the customer’s responses about your business solutions and you will also conduct post-sales customer satisfaction calls with this interactive system.

Scan your work with your customer’s responses and if they are content with your service to say thank you for their response and if not pre-programmed your IVR system that your dissatisfied customers redirected on the live call with a realtor for resolving their issues.

2. Extend company’s working hours- Through the use of IVR, you don’t have to increase your labour cost for extending your working hours.

And extending your working hours will positively do the job, your customers will call you anytime for their queries and you will connect will them even after your office working hours.

3. Pre-program IVR based on the need - You would like to customize your customer care system, Let IVR can do it for you.

IVR software comes with the wider personalization. You can pre-program your system on your conditions.

The simple exemplory case of its personalization is, The system knows the caller’s information with their caller IDs. So that if the caller connects with the operational system again, they are recognize them with their name.

4. Keep your potential customers top in the list- IVR offers you the feature of prioritizing your potential customers and route their calls to the most certified and experienced agent of your firm who can handle their queries and resolve their problems.

And also in case, your all agents are busy then that prior consumer will keep the top on the waiting around list so that they won’t wait longer for their concerns.

5. Get ahead with high call volumes- You can handle high call quantity at the same time. IVR gets the good efficiency of handling high volume of calls. This feature of IVR will reduce the waiting time of the callers and the clients will get the best response with no delay.

IVR will going to setup your business on the bigger level with the nice customer support.

So, today and get the IVR system for your business today what are you waiting for take the action!

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